İzmir's Bicycle and Pedestrian Action Plan is Ready

Izmir's bicycle and pedestrian action plan is ready
Izmir's bicycle and pedestrian action plan is ready

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality aims to use the bicycle as a 'means of transportation' in Izmir, as in many other world cities. İzmir Bicycle and Pedestrian Action Plan prepared in this direction was introduced to the public. A different profile for Izmir kazanThe plan, which will continue, envisages “safe transportation everywhere by bicycle” in a few years.

The Izmir Main Transportation Plan (UPI 2030) with projection target of 2030, whose work has been completed by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, envisages a significant increase in bicycle and pedestrian transportation routes. The Izmir Bicycle and Pedestrian Action Plan prepared in this context was introduced at the Historical Air Gas Factory Cultural Center in Alsancak with the participation of the Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer. He said that automobile-focused solutions create a heavy traffic load, especially in urban centers. Emphasizing that irreversible destructions, environmental pollution, energy and life losses are experienced in the natural environment due to the unconscious and unscientific use of the resources, Soyer noted that they are working to improve the infrastructure of pedestrians and bicycles in order to minimize the traffic of motor vehicles in the city. Mayor Soyer said, “One of these projects is Izmir Bicycle and Pedestrian Action Plan… When the necessary infrastructure is established; “The bicycle that saves energy, is low cost, has no harm to nature and the environment, does not create a traffic load, is a very functional transportation vehicle.”

Encourage cycling

Stating that the use of individual vehicles has increased due to the coronavirus epidemic and that there is a winter density in traffic despite being in the summer, Soyer stated that their goal is to direct this intensity to bicycle transportation. Soyer said, “For this purpose, we also prepare various incentive works such as free travel of passengers on bicycles and various discounts from People's Grocery Store. Our main goal is to carry the use of bicycles in Izmir beyond being just for hobby or sports purposes. We want to spread the bike as an effective means of transportation integrated with public transportation as in developed cities. ”

Transportation anywhere by target bike

In line with the plan, it is aimed to increase the rate of "bicycle use in transportation" which is still 0.5 percent. Within the scope of the 'emergency action plan' determined for the pandemic period, the 40-kilometer cycle road network will be completed in the first place. In the action plan, 58-kilometer cycle path preliminary projects were prepared, and the implementation phase was reached. Application projects of the new bicycle paths will emerge after the tenders to be held. With the completion of the new roads, the city cycle network, currently 67 kilometers long, will reach 274 kilometers in the short term. These priority are; Karşıyaka, BayraklıWill connect the inner parts of Bornova and Konak districts to the existing bicycle paths on the coastline. Bayraklıin Ankara, Manas Boulevard, Sakarya Street; Karşıyakain Girne Boulevard, Atatürk Boulevard; In Konak, bicycle path access will be provided to main axes such as Fevzipaşa Boulevard, Gazi Boulevard and Poet Eşref Boulevard. With the implementation of medium and long term plans, bicycle paths in İzmir will reach a total of 787 kilometers.

In the first place, bicycle repair kiosks will be placed in a total of 35 points on the Eurovelo route across the city, next to the Grand kiosks. Bicycle footrests will be placed on the existing bicycle roads for the comfort of cyclists, and bicycle pumps will be placed in the parking areas.

The symbol structure kazanwill bark

İzmir Bicycle and Pedestrian Action Plan also provides a symbolic structure to the city. kazanwill yell. BayraklıA "bicycle bridge" will be built to connect the Izmir Courthouse district and the Meles Recreation Area. In addition to the double lane bicycle path on the bridge, there will be pedestrian walkways and a viewing terrace.

Within the scope of the plan; calm street and shared road project proposals, a bicycle routes design guide specific to İzmir, activities for promoting bicycle use, policies to ensure public transportation and bicycle integration, urban infrastructure and unit arrangements for bicycle users, increasing shared bicycle stations and integrated with public transportation Work is also being done to create safe parking spaces.

The first city participating EuroVelo from Turkey

Taking important steps for the development of bicycle tourism, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality was included in the European Bicycle Route Network (EuroVelo) in November 2019. Thus, Izmir, attended by about 7 billion euros per year with economic size EuroVelo from Turkey became the first city. It is envisaged that the 500-kilometer-long bicycle route that connects the ancient cities of Bergama and Ephesus will also contribute to urban tourism and transportation.

Who attended

Abdül Batur, Mayor of Konak, Karşıyaka Mayor Cemil Tugay, Narlıdere Mayor Ali Engin, Dikili Mayor Adil Kırgöz, Menderes Mayor Mustafa Kayalar, Seferihisar Deputy Mayor Yelda Celiloğlu, General Secretary of the Metropolitan Municipality. Buğra Gökçe, Assistant Secretary General Eser Atak also attended.

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