Workers with Statutory Decree in Izmir Get Their Social Rights

KHK Workers Get Social Rights in Izmir
KHK Workers Get Social Rights in Izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality announced that an agreement has been reached on the additional contract protocol, which enables workers of KHK to enjoy social rights in the collective bargaining agreement with DİSK General Business Union. Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer stated that they were happy to keep their promises to the Metropolitan Municipality employees at the meeting.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality took an important step for the personnel working in companies affiliated to the institution and passed to İZENERJİ Company with the Decree Law No. 2017 issued in 696. The additional contract protocol, which enables workers to benefit from the social rights in the collective bargaining agreement with DİSK General Business Union, was announced by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and the Confederation of Revolutionary Workers' Unions (DISK) General Business Izmir Branch 2. Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer said at the meeting that they were happy to keep their promises to the Metropolitan Municipality employees and that they appreciated the value of labor.

Speaking at the meeting attended by a large number of workers at the Historical Air Gas Factory in Alsancak, Mayor Tunç Soyer said, “Metropolitan Municipality had been employing a significant number of personnel through its affiliated companies for many years. Again, some of their personnel were recruited as private company personnel through the service procurement, which we called subcontractors, which was terminated with the Decree Law in 2017. Of course, with the termination of the subcontractor application, a fixed two-year hike was determined for the workers transferred to the positions in the companies within our municipality, and the personal rights of the workers were made through the legal arrangement until the collective agreement. Our employees could not enjoy their social rights. ”

“Employees who are victims will also benefit from social rights”

Bringing that the Metropolitan Municipality provided the workers with food aid card support first, Mayor Soyer said: “In order to solve the suffering experienced by the workers, the Ministry's written decision was then made in favor of our workers and that the employees of the decree also worked in the general business lines with the main business line. We opened the way. Today, we are transitioning to a new system where our employees who are victims of the relevant Decree Law will benefit from social rights without any difference from our other personnel. ”

“A total of 4 thousand 198 workers will benefit”

Expressing that the workers will start to benefit from the social rights included in the existing collective agreements in the municipal companies they work with, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer pointed out that they made an important contribution to the total salaries of the employees. Soyer said, “In our İZENERJİ company, 3 employees will benefit from this right. Together with our other companies, we ensure that our 664 thousand 4 employees benefit from these rights, and we are going through their grievances. ”

Soyer said, “We are doing our best to get the sweat of the forehead of our workers within our municipality. Let's not put dust in Izmir. They will do everything to discredit İzmir. But we will continue to stand like steel, iron, mountain etc. Let's produce together and reproduce. And let's share the labor we produce with the beautiful people of Izmir. ”

“We are breaking new ground in Izmir”

DİSK Aegean Regional Representative Memiş Sarı also said in his speech: “One and a half years ago, we all copied in front of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and ate gas. So every struggle has a beginning and an end. Mr. President, took office as "Izmir with Love". He defends and implements equal pay for equal work. We break a new ground with our dear president. We destroy KHK and victimization. We will not be dusting this city. We promise our president. We will work with all our strength. I tell the security guard friends; we are not the security of power, we will serve our city peacefully.

General Secretary of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Buğra Gökçe, Deputy Secretary General Barış Karcı, İZENERJİ General Manager Celal Ergin, union managers and many workers participated.

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