Izmir Will No longer Make Fireworks Display

Izmir will no longer show fireworks.
Izmir will no longer show fireworks.

It decided not to include fireworks at Izmir Metropolitan Municipality events. President Tunç Soyer said, “We will continue our celebrations in all their glory. However, due to the joy that a 5-minute show will give us, we will not allow the creatures to die, human poison to breathe, our air, water and soil to be polluted. ”

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality decided not to include fireworks shows that pollute the nature and cause the death of living creatures. Stating that the Metropolitan Municipality will continue to celebrate with all its glory on important days, Mayor Soyer said, “We will not allow the living creatures to die, human poison inhalation, pollution of our air, water and soil.”

Expressing that the situation was revised after the last explosion in the fireworks factory in Sakarya, President Soyer said, “I think that this entertainment form, which harms life in every aspect from its production to its show, should be removed immediately in İzmir. I hereby declare that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will not use fireworks in its activities from now on. I do not doubt that my fellow citizens of Izmir know very well the value they give to life. ”

Call to district mayors

Stating that each firework show means more fireworks production, President Soyer continued as follows: “The business murders in factories and workshops that produce in an uncontrolled and unregulated manner are plaguing us all. If usage decreases, loss of lives due to firework production, which is not a mandatory need, also ends. ” Addressing the district mayors of Izmir, Mayor Soyer said, “I invite our district mayors to not use fireworks at their events from here. Because this suits contemporary Izmir. ”

Mayor Soyer preferred not to use fireworks at the official celebrations in Seferihisar during the ten-year mayor.

Firework shows cause fires and deaths of birds, especially birds. Chemicals, toxic gases and heavy metals released into the atmosphere after the explosion pollute the air, sea and soil. Environmental organizations have been organizing signature campaigns for a long time to ban fireworks.

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