İZDENİZ Summer Flights Begin

summer starts in izdeniz
summer starts in izdeniz

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality General Directorate of İZDENİZ starts the day trips for Foça, Mordoğan and Urla, which mainly serve daily holidaymakers. The first flights will be held on Saturday, July 4th.

The summer trips of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality İZDENİZ General Directorate, which are now classic, will start on Saturday, July 4th. Expeditions, weekends; Karşıyaka-Konak-Güzelbahçe URL A; Karşıyaka-Konak-Mordoğan-Foça and Konak-Karşıyaka-It will be built on Foça-Mordoğan routes.

Departure and arrival times

Karşıyaka-Urla ship; 09.15't to Karşıyakawill depart from Konak at 09.30; It will depart from Güzelbahçe at 10.15 and arrive at Urla at 10.45. The ship will depart from Urla at 21.00 on the way back, at 21.30 in Güzelbahçe, at 22.15 in Konak and at 22.30 Karşıyakawill be in.

Karşıyaka-Foça ship; 08.25't to Karşıyakawill depart from Konak at 08.40; It will approach the Mordoğan Pier at 10.10. It will depart from 10.30 and arrive in Foça at 11.10. The ship will depart from Foça at 18.40 on return, at Mordoğan at 19.20, at Konak at 21.00 and at 21.15. Karşıyakawill be in.

Konak-Mordoğan ship; From 08.25 at Konak, at 08.40 Karşıyakawill get up from; It will be in Foça at 10.20. It will depart from 10.30 and arrive at Mordoğan at 11.10. Mordoğan will depart from 18.40 on return. Foça in 19.20, Konak in 21.10, 21.25 Karşıyakawill be reached.

Fee schedule

Karşıyaka- The flight price for the single trip is 20 TL; Karşıyaka-Foça trip fee is 25 TL one way; Konak-Mordoğan flight fee was determined as 25 TL for a single trip. Validators will refund the passengers at the intermediate piers (Mordoğan - Güzelbahçe) at certain rates. The flights will be paid for all passengers, including citizens over 65 and free card holders.

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