Istanbul's Second Necklace Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge Is 32 Years Old

The second neck of Istanbul, Fatih Sultan Mehmet is at the bridge
The second neck of Istanbul, Fatih Sultan Mehmet is at the bridge

Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, the second neck of the Bosphorus, where Europe and Asia get closer to each other, "the sea is the river, the river is the sea", is 32 years old.

Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge and 217 km Kınalı-Sakarya with the aim of providing the inter-continental highway connection with the first Bosphorus Bridge and international economy in terms of national economy, increasing the traffic volume on the bridge and the roads connected to it, connecting the European and Anatolian highways through a higher capacity environment. The motorway was built.

The middle span of the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, located between the Hisarüstü on the Rumeli side of the Bosphorus and Kavacık on the Anatolian side, is approximately 15 meters north of the July 5 Martyrs Bridge. The tower foundations are located on the slopes on both sides of the Bosphorus, and the vertical gauge of the bridge for sea traffic is taken as 1.090 m as in the first bridge in accordance with international maritime standards.

Providing fast, comfortable and safe transportation for the drivers, the bridge served international transit transportation and heavy vehicle traffic for many years until the opening of Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge.

While there are approximately 230 thousand bidirectional passes per day from Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, more than 1 billion 800 million vehicles have passed since its opening.

Other important days in the construction of the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge are as follows;

  • Groundbreaking Ceremony: May 29, 1985
  • Starting Work: December 4, 1985
  • Placement of the Final Table: October 18, 1987
  • Completion of Construction: May 29, 1988
  • Opening Ceremony for Business: 3 July 1988

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