Channel Istanbul Presentation from İmamoğlu to Babacan and Karamollaoğlu

canal presentation from imamogl to babacan and karamollaogluna
canal presentation from imamogl to babacan and karamollaogluna

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu, DEVA Party Chairman Ali Babacan and Felicity Party Leader Temel Karamollaoğlu separately informed about Kanal Istanbul. The meetings were held by teleconference method. Emphasizing that the project has problems in terms of environment, urbanization, finance, international law and possible earthquakes, Babacan brought the issue to the Montreux Convention. Babacan pointed out that the war between Russia and Georgia during the period of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was resolved under the guarantee of Montreux. Saying "May Allah help us all", Karamollaoğlu also said, "Istanbul is the city of all of us. Making Istanbul a livable city is especially important for all of us and for Istanbul.”

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlucontinued to inform the politicians about the Kanal Istanbul project, which he listed as one of the three most important problems of the city, along with the "earthquake" and the "refugee problem", with 3 party leaders. İmamoğlu held the first of the virtual meetings held by teleconference method with DEVA Party Chairman Ali Babacan. İmamoğlu made a detailed presentation to Babacan about Kanal Istanbul, which he described as a "real estate project", accompanied by slides.


Babacan, who made evaluations after the presentation that lasted about half an hour, emphasized that the Kanal Istanbul project was not analyzed sufficiently in terms of environment, urbanization, finance, international law and possible earthquakes. Pointing out that the project may also cause various problems in terms of security, Babacan brought the issue to the Montreux Treaty and said:

“The Mediterranean, the Black Sea is not just our sea. There are many countries with coasts. The work to be done should be started on a ground where all this region and all of this geography will be comfortable. Montreux Treaty An agreement that is a guarantee of long-term security and stability in the Black Sea. This project should be worked very well with the perspective of the Montreux Treaty. ”


Underlining that such a special and multi-dimensional project should be analyzed in an independent, impartial manner, based on scientific foundations, Babacan said, “If all these analyzes are telling the right things, then the social partners should be discussed. Is there a social consensus on this issue? There needs to be a search for social consensus. Of course, you cannot establish a XNUMX% social consensus; but at least it needs a search. An approach that says 'I did it, it happened' is extremely wrong. However, we see this: Every day, every month, unfortunately, a new agenda dominates our country. When you dig and look at the bottom, there is actually an effort to divide the country into two in many ways. Within the scope of this project, there is an effort to divide Istanbul into two. They constitute such agenda items that; 'Are you this side, are you that side? Choose your side… 'We shouldn't get the job to this point. That is to say, "Are you for the project or against the project?" We are radically opposed to such a style of politics. "We are against politics through opposition."


"Did we study our lesson well in every respect?" "I can not see this, frankly," said Babacan. I'm very, very worried about him. on behalf of Istanbul, Turkey on behalf've got a very big concern. I am not convinced that the studies and the analyzes are detailed, unbiased and scientific enough. Most of our society is not convinced either. Obviously, this is our view. We think the subject has not matured yet. ”


Thanking Babacan for his participation in the invitation, Imamoglu said: “Your approach is very valuable. The value you attach to the maturation process of a project is very, very precious. Must be. In this context, I would like to underline again that time is working very quickly and actively. In the process, a month later, an effort to move it to the order that will give a building license is envisaged. In this sense, we can really inform you and send you some reports. Both behalf of our İstanbul'umuzda we both Turkey's such an impromptu project, a truly imaging such as UnAymIş favor of Turkey, of a political decision if, even in the face of presenting personal decision would be enough to form together we adopt a stance and I think that the condition of our method to develop it . I would like to share with you on behalf of the people of Istanbul that it is important for us to fight deep within the law. ”


Having held his second virtual meeting with Temel Karamollaoğlu, the Chairman of the Saadet Party, after Babacan, İmamoğlu made the same presentation. Saying, “May Allah be our helper,” Karamollaoğlu said, “Istanbul is the city of all of us. The fact that Istanbul is a livable city is especially important for all of us and for Istanbul. I thank you for presenting this information to us. These statements, which also confirm my thoughts, only reinforced our concerns. Hopefully, the President of the Republic will also wish to spread the issue a little more in the coming period ”.

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