İmamoğlu: “Hagia Sophia, Mosque and Azan for 30 Years are Reading

imamoglu ayasofya mosque and azan for years
imamoglu ayasofya mosque and azan for years

İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu said, “Hagia Sophia has been a mosque since 1453 in my mind and conscience. Those who pretend to be very interested in the subject are unaware of the status of the Hagia Sophia Mosque. 'The first prayer was read, the first prayer will be performed on July 24,' he says. However, for 30 years, 5 times adhan has been read in Hagia Sophia. The prayer is also performed in the Abdulmecit mosque. ” Imamoğlu, one year ago, pointed out that the entire opening of Hagia Sophia to worship as a mosque, said, “We have thousands of mosques in various countries of the world. Those who say that Hagia Sophia should be opened for worship as a mosque, what does this mosque think about this? ” he reminded me that he was asked.

Ekrem İmamoğlu, the President of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), made statements about the Hagia Sophia Mosque, which was decided to be opened for worship. Ekrem İmamoğlu's statement is as follows:

“Hagia Sophia has been a mosque in my mind and conscience since 1453. It is also a world value of Istanbul civilization. My expression in all of my speeches is 'Hagia Sophia Mosque'. Anyone can scan it. After the decision of the Council of State, Hagia Sophia Mosque, we saw that those who act as if they are very interested in this issue are unaware of the status of Hagia Sophia Mosque. TV channels that call him conservative say that "the first prayer was read" and that the first prayer will be performed on July 24. However, adhan has been read 30 times in Hagia Sophia for 5 years. Prayer is also performed in the Abdülmecit Masjid inside. There is a sign on the door since 1991. If you are sensitive about this and say 'the first call to prayer was read' 'the first prayer is on July 24', it is very grave. I was very surprised.


On the other hand, there is another element that we need to think about a lot. God was bestowed upon man by reason. To think, to show your reasoning ability and reach the truth. We speak always the result of the developments in Turkey, but we do not talk at all causing these results. We forget.

Instead of questioning whether Hagia Sophia is good or bad, what needs to be questioned is; just 1 year ago, 'What is the payoff of this decision? It would not be right to explain this here. There's a lot to it. For us, the bill is much heavier, let's not forget. Currently, we have thousands of glasses in various countries of the world. I wonder if those who say this (opening Hagia Sophia to worship as a Mosque) come to these mosques? Those who say this do not know the world, they do not know their interlocutor. Therefore, as a political leader, I have not lost my direction to this game, '' What has changed in a year?


Now I would like to ask; Have our mosques in various parts of the world fallen into a risky situation with this decision? Will anything happen to these mosques where tens of thousands of Muslims, my expatriate brothers and sisters peacefully worship? What will happen if the rulers of those countries take such a step and say 'we will regard the accusations against our decision regarding mosques as a direct attack on our sovereign rights'?

We will not judge the reasons for this contrast, which is born only 1 year apart. But we will call the final decision of the Council of State as black or white. This does not happen ... These things will definitely be judged by our nation, rationally. I really want people to weigh it and they will weigh it.

“If the country will add material and moral richness, I am behind it”

If this change in Hagia Sophia; If it will add both material and moral wealth to my country, to my nation, to the problem of millions of unemployed people, if the university graduate will create job opportunities for millions of young people and to give my country dignity and affection, I am behind this decision until the end. ”



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