Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu Joins Traffic Control

interior minister suleyman participated in noble traffic control
interior minister suleyman participated in noble traffic control

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu said, “12, 420 teams will work during the whole holiday, regarding the traffic inspections. Again, 163 police and our gendarmerie will serve during the feast. ” said.

Mr. who came to Kırıkkale by helicopter from Ankara. Soylu made an air examination on Ankara-Kırıkkale highway.

Our Minister Mr. Soylu received information about traffic control from Gendarmerie General Commander Gen. Arif Çetin, Police General Manager Mehmet Aktaş and Police Headquarters Traffic Planning and Support Department Mehmet Yavuz.

Later, Soylu, who participated in the road application in front of the Kırıkkale Regional Traffic Supervision Branch Directorate, warned drivers and passengers and gave gifts to the passengers and children in the stopped vehicles.

Increase in the Number of Passengers% 55

In his statement to journalists here, Minister Soylu said that as of today traffic density is much higher than the pre-epidemic period.

Noting that the increase in total vehicle mobility in traffic today is 31 percent, Mr. Soylu said:

“However, the decrease in bus services is about 31 percent, the increase in the number of passengers is 55 percent. This means that. Especially people who want to go to their country and holiday during the Feast of Sacrifice, together with their private vehicles, create a great density that we have not seen before. There is a serious increase in traffic density especially in public transportation, both within the framework of the epidemic rules and those who want to make little use of public transportation due to Kovid-19 or our citizens who do not prefer public transportation.

Minister Soylu stated that at the crossroads in Kırıkkale and at the Gerede crossroads, traffic density is much higher than they expected today.

Stating that they have taken important precautions regarding this and that the governors, the police and the gendarmerie and the municipalities are working together in order to realize these precautions from the day before. Soylu continued as follows:

“During the whole holiday, 12 thousand 420 teams will work. During the holiday, 163 thousand of our police and gendarmerie will work. On the one hand, as the Minister of the Interior, my deputy ministers, general directors, the Chief of Police and the General Commander of the Gendarmerie will both conduct inspections in various regions during the holiday and will also make some interventions to correct them if they see problems. At the same time, our gendarmerie and police investigators will contribute to the organization on how the inspections are. ”

Minister Soylu also advised citizens and drivers and asked them to be careful.

Pointing out that the whole nation, the entire Islamic world was suffering from Kovid-19 during the Eid al-Fitr. Soylu said, “They could not go to their families, relatives, hometowns and holidays. But this holiday is as if every one of us would be embarrassed both in traffic and the spread of this epidemic if we act without complying with both traffic and Kovid-19 rules. Therefore, our request from our citizens; Beware of." he spoke.

Each of Us Should Follow The Rules

Minister Soylu stressed that the legal speed limit in traffic should be observed, the seat belt should be worn, there should be no talking with a mobile phone and a travel plan should be available.

He pointed out that the deficit in areas with traffic congestion should not be closed by accelerating where traffic is open. Soylu said:

“The most frequent traffic accidents, especially on holidays, are the points close to the destination. We need to pay attention all together. We should not drive when we are sleepless and have no habit. We must rest for 2 minutes every 10 hours. This is a warning that is preached to us within international standards. We have been seeing an increase in traffic accidents for about a month and a half. That is, especially lane changes, those who constantly follow the left lane constitute wrong lane changes of other vehicles. Those who do not go fast in the lanes cause wrong and dangerous overtakings. Most importantly, trucks and heavy vehicles, if they do not go through the lanes allocated to them, unfortunately also cause a traffic rule violation that will lead to incorrect overtaking of other heavy vehicles and vehicles. That is why each of us must follow the rules. ”

Ministers Noble, increased deaths in traffic accidents all over the world from 2015 until the end of 2019, the need of road standards should rise in vehicle quality in Turkey and the measures taken in the fall of this number told us that traffic.

Stating that the deaths in international standards decreased from 100 per 9,6 thousand to 100 per 6,5 thousand, Soylu said, “This is also important for us. This year we go with a low 14 percent death loss. The important thing here is to obey the traffic rules. Again, one of the traffic accidents we face most during Ramadan and sacrifice holidays is motorcycle and bicycle accidents. Because the habit of driving everywhere is different. It is also necessary to pay attention to these. Kastamonulu Hacı Şaban-ı Veli has a good saying. 'Goodbye to your arrival, goodbye to your departure and goodbye to all your business'. ”

Later, Minister Soylu, who visited the Yahşihan Municipality Fire Department, and his entourage left the city.

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