Can Akın Çağlar, New Secretary General of IMM

ciblar, the new secretary general of ibb
ciblar, the new secretary general of ibb

Due to Yavuz Erkut's retirement, Can Akın Çağlar was appointed as the Secretary General of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

After being re-elected as Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor on 23 June Ekrem İmamoğluYavuz Erkut, who was appointed as the Secretary General of the IMM by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, retired as of July 7, 2020. Continuing his success in the private sector in İBB as well, Erkut assumed important responsibility in the realization of many projects of the municipality.

Can Akın Çağlar also held important positions in the public and private sectors, such as Erkut, where he took over. Born in Sivas in 1962, Çağlar completed her high school and university education in Istanbul. After graduating from Istanbul University Faculty of Economics in 1983, he joined the two-year master's program in the Banking department of the same university.

He started his professional life in 1985 as the Sworn Bank Auditor at the Undersecretariat of Treasury (today's BRSA). For 10 years he worked in the public sector undertook the inspection tasks in almost all banks and other financial institutions operating in Turkey.

Between 1995-1997 After his master's degree in Financial Economics from Boston University in the US, Assistant General Manager at the turning Egebank AŞ Turkey and continued his career at the same time as the General Manager in the Aegean Investment AŞ.

Faisal Finance previous name in 1998, after which Alams buy Ülker Group Family Finance (present name of Turkey Finance) made participation in the General Directorate of the bank until 2003.

He returned to the public in 2003 and served as the General Manager of TC Ziraat Bank for 2011 years until 8,5. During this period, he served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for different periods of time in more than 20 financial subsidiaries of Ziraat Bank, both in Turkey and abroad.

He left his position at Ziraat Bank in July 2011 and was appointed as a Member of the Board of Directors of the Banking Regulation and Supervision Board. He left this duty, which was appointed for 6 years, before his term expired in 2014 and moved back to the private sector. He continued his career as a General Manager at Eureko Sigorta AŞ, a Dutch company in 2, due to the ban on not being able to work in any bank for 2014 years after leaving the members of the Board of Directors at BRSA.

May 2019 until the date of the 5-year Eureko Sigorta General Directorate during the Inter-American at the SC members, Tarsim and board members in Daska, Insurance Information Center and the Trust Fund YK Presidency of the top institutions as well as industry took over the Turkey Insurance Association President.

Çağlar, whose last duty before EBB appointment was Eureko Sigorta AŞ Vice Chairman of the Board, is married and has three children.

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