IMM Will Bring together the Most Distant Points of Istanbul with Sahnebus, with Art

ibb will meet the most distant points of Istanbul with the arts with Sahneebus
ibb will meet the most distant points of Istanbul with the arts with Sahneebus

IMM will be guests with the Sahnebüs to the points away from the stage shows of the city. Art lovers and children who miss cultural arts events will be able to watch many events on their streets with the program in IMB's traveling format.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) continues to bring art lovers and children together with arts and culture events in its new normal process. IMM Directorate of Culture, which brings cultural content from digital to urban without interruption due to pandemic measures, is now launching its project that will bring the distant areas of Istanbul to the show areas with art.

In the project that will carry cultural activities to Istanbul, stage and field activities such as Karagöz Hacivat, juggler, clown show, rhythm show, bubble show, storytelling, children's songs, cortege, marching band, mascot, wooden leg are being prepared.

With the pandemic process, activities aimed at reuniting children and their families with the culture and art activities they stayed away from are carried out in a mobile format. The first one, the demonstrations, which will take place on Sunday, July 12 at Eyüpsultan Pirinççi Village and on Monday, July 13 at Pendik indirectoba Houses, are planned to be held every weekend until October.

Sunday, July 12

  • Eyüpsultan Rice Village,
  • Time: 19.30-20.30

Monday, July 13

  • Pendik Indiroba Houses
  • Clock: 19.30-20.30

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