IMM Published The First Scientific Book About Kanal Istanbul

Ibb published the first scientific book about canal istanbul
Ibb published the first scientific book about canal istanbul

The second publication compiled from the Kanal Istanbul Workshop with the book titled "Kanal Istanbul Multidisciplinary Evaluation", prepared by the IMM with the contribution of 29 scientists, was introduced to the press and the public. Speaking at the presentation, IBB Secretary General Can Akın Çağlar said, “These books are Ekrem İmamoğluIt is scientific proof of why 's objection to Kanal Istanbul," he said.

Kanal Istanbul Multidisciplinary Evaluation book and Kanal Istanbul Workshop book were introduced to the press and the public at a ceremony held at Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM (Florya Campus). A channel named "Channel Istanbul in Question" was also prepared.


Speaking at the ceremony, İBB Secretary General Can Akın Çağlar stated that the books are the first scientific and detailed study ever made and said, “This situation increases the importance of our publications even more. Based on scientific data, 17 scientists and experts in 29 different fields of science have revealed the effects of Kanal Istanbul on our city. In the book, there are very important topics and very serious determinations from every field that a channel can create. This book is our President of IMM Ekrem İmamoğluIt is scientific proof of why 's objection to Kanal Istanbul," he said.

President Ekrem İmamoğluStating that 's met separately with the leaders of the political parties and informed them about the Canal, Çağlar said that they also shared the results of the Canal Istanbul Workshop, adding that they published the books to indicate that they did not consent to the irreversible wounds of Istanbul.


“We are not facing a published scientific study that supports Kanal Istanbul so far. This is a really sad situation, ”said Çağlar.

“We consider the issue of Kanal Istanbul as a national issue institutionally. As İBB, we state that we will be a constant follower of this subject. Kanal Istanbul is one of the three major threats this city faces with its earthquake and refugee problem. Channel Istanbul, including the risks not only a problem for our city to not ignore Turkey, we express our belief that the need to develop a common mind on this issue. Like our teachers, we think that this book is the real EIA report of Kana Istanbul. We also heartily agree with the idea that this scientific document should be read as a textbook in the departments of environmental science and engineering. ”

Çağlar, who shares the information that thirst will be experienced, the risk of earthquakes will be triggered, the nature and ecology of Istanbul will be destroyed for many years, and that the history will be destroyed in a sense, will create an additional tax burden of 100 billion liras. also noted.

Underlining that the cost of Kanal Istanbul to IMM only reached 23 billion lira with a raw calculation, Çağlar said, “The impact on traffic is that the excavation that will emerge corresponds to the 50-year excavation of Istanbul, that 1 million 200 thousand population movements may occur, It is also necessary to take into account the problems that the fishermen in the Black Sea will face, that the legal status of the Straits will be uncertain with the Montreux Treaty. We are against Kanal Istanbul for these scientific reasons in order to protect our children and our future. I hope that the scientific warnings made in these books are not ignored and we can decide on issues with social consequences with a common mind ”.


Gürkan Akgün, Head of the İBB Department of Reconstruction and Urbanization, stated that the scientists who are experts in their field contain technical analyzes for a long time and said, “We found that there were serious mistakes in Kanal Istanbul's EIA report. We have seen that the zoning movement that comes with it will have very negative consequences in Istanbul. As İBB, we continue the objection and legal processes against Kanal Istanbul. Channel; a project that will irreversibly destroy our lives, forests, agriculture and waters. ”


Prof. of the editors of the book. Dr. Derin Orhon stated that Istanbul has been brought to this point by using very rudeness for years and said: “Now they want to hit a deadly blow. I don't like the name of Kanal Istanbul. The channel should not be spoken together with the Istanbul arc. Hopefully this project will be forgotten before it is realized. We tried to learn the purpose of Kanal in this book. We actually did an EIA study with this book. An example of how the EIA study on the channel is. I bring it to the attention of the Ministry, so that they can read and learn. They fill the Black Sea coast for 38 km. They made a conclusion by not respecting any of the marine studies carried out by İSKİ between 2015 and 2020, taking all the flows wrong without conducting an ecological study in Marmara. Either choose Istanbul and protect it or choose the channel. ”

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