IMM Does Not Stop Struggling With Covid-19 Pandemic

IMM Does Not Stop Struggling With Covid-19 Pandemic
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İBB, which continues its preparations in the field of health against all kinds of possibilities related to the Covid-19 pandemic process, does not leave the measure for a moment.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğluThe efforts to combat the Covid-25 pandemic, which started with the emergency meeting held on February 2020, 19, continue intensively during the "new normalization" period. Pandemic action plans, organization and management processes in the fight against the pandemic are being updated and implemented.

IMM Directorate of Health, taking new measures in the field of health against a pandemic and a possible earthquake in Istanbul; updating personnel and organizational based contingency plans; “Covid-19 Pandemic and Disaster Emergency Preparedness Action Plan Meeting” was held in order to manage the process in the most accurate way by following the road maps determined within all teams. Head of Health Department Dr. The meeting, chaired by Önder Yüksel Eryiğit, attended by IMM Directorate of Occupational Health and Safety, Istanbul Darülaceze Directorate, Health and Sanitation Directorate.


Eryigit Delivering the opening speech of the meeting, in which Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul is the highest number of cases in Turkey, he said that executes successfully fighting the pandemic.

The first cases in Turkey, Eryigit reminiscent announced on March 10 by the Ministry of Health, "Health Ministry is announced, 'the 60 percent of cases in Turkey are located in Istanbul's statistics of on economic, cultural and sociological aspects of self We have created a scientific board to meet the needs of Istanbul, which has an exclusive structure, for the Covid-19 pandemic. While creating this board, we requested members from all health institutions and organizations in Istanbul. We included non-governmental organizations such as the Istanbul Chamber of Physicians, the Turkish Thoracic Society, the Chamber of Pharmacists, the Turkish Medical Association, the Chamber of Engineers, the Chamber of Epidemiologists, the Chamber of Psychiatrists, which can meet all needs related to health and social services.


Emphasizing that the committee, which consists of a staff of 22 people who are experts in their fields, guided them in the fight against pandemic in an evidence-based and scientific sense, Eryiğit continued his speech as follows: “At the same time, he gave us advisory guidance. In the light of this guidance, we used resources more efficiently and prevented duplicate applications. As a result of this struggle we have carried out in the light of science, from the selection of disinfectants to the work of mobile hygiene teams; We managed the process in the most accurate way, from elderly care services to safety and health measures implemented by the IMM Directorate of Occupational Health and Safety. With this awareness, we coordinate our work for the ongoing process. "


Eryigit concluded his speech by stating that they have a sacred mission because their fields are health: “Our job is also above politics. Thanks to the coordination committee meetings held with 39 districts, we spread the fight against pandemics throughout Istanbul. Everyone respected this stance and responsibility, centered on people, including managers from 39 districts. The health we hold above everything and this responsibility we bear for our people will never change. Our scientists have been warned that the outbreak is not over yet. I hope not; but we see that even now, at least our neighbor Iran is experiencing the second wave. There is also a large increase in the number of cases in Israel and Greece. We experienced the effects of the epidemic intensely in our country in April; however, there are still cases in our provinces such as Gaziantep, Konya, Diyarbakır and Şanlıurfa. The increase in the number of tourists entering and leaving our country in the summer months, the mobility of seasonal workers in the summer months between the provinces; mobilization of people between provinces for holidays and jobs; With so many influences, such as influenza, which will manifest with the visits of the country and the cooling of the weather, the number of cases may increase in the future. We have seen our shortcomings in the light of the experiences we have during the February-July period, we know and know what we need to improve the process, and we will complete all our preparations according to the course of the epidemic by coordinating and coordinating them. ”

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