Hz. About Yuşa Tomb and Yuşa Hill

About the speedy pie and the hill of yusa
About the speedy pie and the hill of yusa

Yuşâ Hill is the hill located in the district of Beykoz in the Anatolian Pavilion of Istanbul. To the north is the Yoros castle. Its summit is 201 m high from the sea. This summit is the place where Yuşâ Tomb and Mosque are located.

Yuşâ prophet

It is believed that the person buried in the tomb is Yuşâ (m. 1082-972). According to a rhythm, the Prophet Yuşâ came to Mecmeul-Bayreyn (Bosphorus) with the Prophet Moses and was buried on this hill by passing away. It is reported that in various tafsir Yuşâ was appointed as a prophet after Moses' death, and that Christians and Jews called him Joshua.

Hz. Yuşa Tomb and Yuşa Hill History

This place has been regarded as a sacred place since the early times of history, and various civilizations have built temples and temples of their religion here. In ancient times, the temple of Zeus was located and it was converted into a church named Hagios Michael during the Byzantine period. In the earthquake, perhaps these structures were destroyed in 1509.

During the Ottoman period, a masjid was built on this hill by Grand Vizier 28. Çelebizade Mehmet Sait Pasha in 1755. At the same time, he built a masonry wall around the tomb, which is believed to belong to the Prophet Joshua among the people, and appointed officials to maintain the tomb. On this hill, which has been integrated with its visitors throughout history and has always been the center of attention of people, III. In some years of the period of Selim (1789-1807), even reading the mevlid was banned due to the confluence with the idea of ​​'not to be a place for mischief'.

Yuşâ Mosque had a fire and was renovated in 1863 in the period of Sultan Abdülaziz. This area, which is mentioned as the “Yuşâ Aleyhisselam Dory” in the statistical chart of the Ministry of Internal Affairs dated 1885-86, was named as Yuşâ Hill.

A tomb of Yuşa, who rescues the Israelites from nomadism and places them in Arz-Kenan, is also located in Gaziantep. It is accepted that one of the two shrines in the location called Pirsefa on the street stretching from Boyacı Mosque to Kavaflar Bazaar in Boyacı district in Gaziantep belongs to the Prophet Yuşa and the other is Pirsefa, believed to be the Companion.

Hz. Yuşa Tomb and Yuşa Hill Current Status

With the works that started under the leadership of the Beykoz Mufti and continued in the 1990s after the 2000s, social and cultural outbuildings such as the duty houses, the cultural house, the library, the dining hall and the fountain were built and the mosque and its surroundings were modified and reconstructed.



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