5 Million Euro For 'Holocaust Remembrance' From The Dutch National Railway

million euro for holocaust remembrance from dutch national railway
million euro for holocaust remembrance from dutch national railway

The Dutch national rail company announced it will donate 5m euros to the Holocaust memorials, including museums in three former concentration camps Westerbork, Vaught and Amersfoort.

Noting that the offer was disappointingly low, the Dutch Jews asked Nederlandse Spoorwegen to review the railway company's offer.

NS (Nederlandse Spoorwegen) allocated more than $ 40 million last year to pay for Holocaust survivors as compensation. He also spent millions of dollars on Holocaust memorial projects. But the WJRO (World Jewish Indemnity Organization) and the Dutch Jewish Center Council said in a joint statement that the NS company should also pay compensation directly to the Jews whose families brought their deaths. It is estimated that the NS company sent 102 Jews to death during the Holocaust.

Central Jewish President Eddo Verdoner, in his written statement about his meeting with NS President Roger van Boxtel, said: “Rather than accepting the past and working with the Jewish community to present a 'collective statement of acceptance', NS was once again ravaged by the behavior of the NS company in the Holocaust time. He chose not to consider the Jewish community. We think the NS company should review its proposal. ”

"It is a pity that the NS company chooses not to take advantage of this opportunity," said Gideon Taylor, Head of Operations at WJRO.

The NS company did not respond directly to criticism. In his written statement, which includes a summary of compensation spending and contributions to commemoration projects, NS used the phrase “qualify these deportation activities in collaboration with the occupying forces as a black page in the history of the company”.

Source: Shalom

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