Significant Collaboration for Industry 4.0 from Groupe Renault and Google Cloud

Important collaboration for industry from groupe renault and google cloud
Important collaboration for industry from groupe renault and google cloud

Groupe Renault will collaborate with Google Cloud to accelerate the digitization of its production facilities and supply chain.

This collaboration aims to combine the power of Google Cloud in machine learning and artificial intelligence with Renault's expertise in automotive manufacturing, creating new industrial solutions.

The two companies also aim to launch a program to increase the skills and competencies of Groupe Renault employees.

Groupe Renault and Google Cloud today announced a new industry and technology partnership to accelerate Groupe Renault's industrial system and Industry 4.0 transformation.

Digitizing production facilities and developing industry solutions

Groupe Renault, known as one of the important actors in Industry 4.0, has been developing its own digital platform, which connects and collects data between the Group's 76 plants (representing 22% of vehicle production) and more than 2.500 machines worldwide. This new partnership with Google Cloud aims to optimize, among other things, Groupe Renault's fully owned and independently operated industrial data management platform.

Google Cloud's solutions and experience in the field of intelligent analysis, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) will enable Groupe Renault to reduce its environmental impact through energy savings while increasing the supply chain and production efficiency and production quality.

These improvements will be pioneering efforts in the development of new vertical solutions for the automotive industry.

Developing digital skills

One of the key elements of this new partnership stands out as employee training. Groupe Renault and Google Cloud plan to create a unique and scalable program to improve the skills of Renault's process engineering, production and IT teams through collaboration, training and activation with the Google team. The goal of the program was determined as the development of a data-driven culture, which is an essential part of Renault employees' daily working life, as well as in operational processes.

José Vicente de los Mozos, Groupe Renault Production and Logistics Director and Executive Board member, said: “This collaboration is an excellent example of Groupe Renault's digital strategy in the industry. With this agreement, the commitment of our IT, production and supply chain management teams will help us speed up implementation of our Industry 4.0 plan, designed to transform and link our production facilities and logistics processes worldwide. Together with our Industry 4.0 plan, we will increase our standards of excellence and performance. This partnership will also be an advantage for Groupe Renault employees who want to take advantage of high-level training in digital data management. ”

Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian added: “There is innovation in the DNA of the automotive industry, and digital technology has enormous potential to influence production. We are proud to partner with Groupe Renault to contribute to the revolution in the future of automotive production and to power the next generation supply chain excellence. ”

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