Gallipoli Forest Fire Under Control

Gallipoli Forest Fire Under Control
Gallipoli Forest Fire Under Control

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli, regarding the forest fire yesterday in Gallipoli Peninsula, said, “As of now, our fire here is under control. Currently, cooling activities are also continuing. I will stay in the area for a while and watch the works. There may be smokes in places, cooling activities may take several days. ” said.

Minister Pakdemirli told reporters in front of the Çanakkale Wars and Gallipoli Historical Site Presidency that the intervention in the east and west direction has been intervened from the very first moment.


Expressing that fires originate from 90 percent of people, Pakdemirli continued as follows:

“Another tree shouldn't be burning. In particular, the first element of firefighting is to intervene early. We watch for fires with 750 man towers, 100 unmanned towers, unmanned aerial vehicles. But beyond all this, it is extremely important for the citizen to pass on the fire he saw anywhere. Our fire here is under control as of this hour. Currently, cooling activities are also continuing. I will stay in the area for a while and watch the works. There may be smokes in places, cooling activities may take several days. We have not said 'under control' until now, but since we say 'under control', the fire is now surrounded all around. ”


Stating that there is a fire that proceeds in two lanes, Pakdemirli said, “Although there are some risk factors related to Kumköy and Yalova villages, namely the settlements, the risks related to the settlements disappeared in the following hours, thanks to the change of the wind and the intervention of our friends. 20 helicopters, 2 aircraft, 118 plotters, 20 dozers and 510 personnel plus fire trucks from other public institutions and municipalities also intervened. Of course, our intervention, our Governor, our local municipalities, and our law enforcement officers, were all assisted in this intervention, and all of them continued to work on the field until this hour. ” he spoke.

Expressing that it is pleasing not to lose lives, Pakdemirli said, “Of course there are damages that we see in places. Most importantly of course, we have to assume that we have lost some of our trees, and that some wildlife might have been lost. As of this morning, the sun is rising in this area at 05.52, but we started the intervention with aircrafts at 05.15. A feverish work continued throughout the night, and interventions continued in the morning to further the results of working with aircraft in the morning. ” said.

Noting that the wind was struggling at a speed of 50-60 kilometers throughout the day, Minister Pakdemirli stated that there was a strong wind during the night.


Indicating that there was more fire this year compared to last year, Pakdemirli said that there are much less burning areas.

The Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Pakdemirli, wished that the fire would be over and said:

“So far, 450 hectares of land seems to have been affected. After the fire is completely extinguished, certain determinations are made, and we make public statements about it. In general, we see that there are also damages in agricultural areas besides trees. Some of the lands that are mostly harvested appear to be damaged. It seems that there are some damages in the cultivated and planted areas and in the private lands. Of course, there is something we always say, you know that fire damages are paid within the scope of TARSİM, but there is a TARSİM coverage and insurance rate of 10 to 20 percent in the region. Unfortunately, we always regret these after the disaster has come, but again, let us warn our farmer, our producer, and TARSİM. Of course, the governor's office will carry out a damage assessment study. Through the governorate, this is also reported to the Presidential Administrative Affairs, and if there is anything to be done about this issue, the state will do what is necessary. However, since these villages are forest villages, we will allocate a certain amount of funds to our villagers within the scope of forest villages, in order to cover the agricultural damage of our villagers, our brothers and sisters living in this region, and to continue agricultural activities. ”

Stating that a great change in the weather conditions is not expected in the coming hours, Pakdemirli stated that their biggest advantages are human resources and they follow the newest technologies to prevent the trees from burning.

Minister Pakdemirli wished the citizens living in the region where the fire broke out.

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