Fitch Confirms Izmir's Credit Rating as AAA, The Highest Level

fitch confirmed the credit rating of izmma as the highest level aaa
fitch confirmed the credit rating of izmma as the highest level aaa

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyerannounced that the long-term national credit rating of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality was confirmed as AAA, which is the highest level, as a result of the evaluation made by the international credit rating agency Fitch Ratings. Speaking at the assembly meeting where the activity reports were discussed, Soyer said, “This is a very valuable statement that shows the international trust in the city administration. It gave morale, showed that we were on the right track, it was a brand new source of pride.”

In the second session of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Assembly in July, the final accounts of the 2019 Financial Year of the Metropolitan Municipality and ESHOT General Directorate were discussed and accepted by majority vote. Responding to the criticism of the opposition in the 9-hour meetings with the General Assembly of IZSU, President Soyer emphasized sincerity. Stating that nobody has the right to question each other's beliefs and patriotism, Mayor Soyer said, “It is necessary to evaluate based on performance. If you are not talking about performance, then the language of this politics does not bring any good. In this country no one has the right to question each other's religious beliefs and patriotism. Every individual living in this land is as nationalist, patriotic and faithful as another. If we question each other's sincerity, we cannot meet on the common denominator. 1960 national income per capita in Turkey two thousand, three thousand dollars was around. It went like this until the 2s. The point we have reached in the last 3 years is at the level of 1990 thousand dollars. In other words, we have increased from 30-9 thousand dollars to 60 thousand in 2 years. What happened in the world in 3 years? South Korea to 9 thousand, Eastern bloc countries have come upon us. Bulgaria has passed us. I'm not counting Scandinavian countries. Drought or disaster, what happened? No. We are poorly managed. There is decomposition and othering behind this bad management. Because the way to rivet his power is to show someone as the other. That is why we lose power, cannot exceed these figures. ”

Metropolitan's credit rating AAA

President Tunç SoyerEmphasizing that he wanted to share this very happy news for İzmir with the council members for the first time, he stated that İzmir Metropolitan Municipality maintains the highest grade AAA given by the international rating agency Fitch Ratings. Minister Tunç Soyer, stating that this is a very good development for İzmir, said, “This is a very valuable statement showing the international trust in the city administration. It gave morale, showed that we were on the right track, it was a brand new source of pride. The list of Turkey's 500 largest industrial enterprises has been announced. Istanbul took the first place with 193 companies and Izmir took the second place with 62 companies. I would like to thank our industrialists who contributed greatly to this success.”

Giant projects and investments continue

Stating that despite the pandemic process of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Mayor Soyer stated that he continued an important project such as Narlıdere Metro without a hitch, “Narlıdere Metro will be opened on the promised date. He will suit İzmir very well. ” Adding that the tender for the construction of the Çiğli tram will be made on July 28 and the preparations for the international tender process for the Buca Metro have been completed, Soyer said, “We will continue on our way by completing the supply bids of the Buca Tunnel and the viaduct project. We plan to open this project at the beginning of 2023 ”.

Metropolitan Mayor Soyer said that until July 23, 83 new buses will be added to the transportation fleet, and the tender processes for the purchase of 304 buses have been completed and the contract phase has been reached. Stating that the search for electric buses continues, Soyer said, “We have 67 kilometers of cycling routes, we will increase this to 107 kilometers. We will increase the sea transportation, a new ferry is coming. Sea taxi work is ongoing. There will be new piers. At the end of the month, Lesbos flights will start from the Port of Alsancak. ”

Soyer said that 1 million 750 thousand tons of hot asphalt, 3 million 99 thousand square meters of surface coating, 1 million 217 thousand square meters of key paving stones were laid throughout the city in the last operating period. Expressing that 7 kilometers of new roads have been opened, underpasses and overpasses on highways continue, and a parking lot arrangement for 1300 vehicles has been made, the President said. Tunç Soyer, added that the Public Transport application they implemented is a very important step in the field of public transportation, and that they aim to complete the opera house in February 2023.

Expressing that the Community Health Department, which he realized in the first days when he became the Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, undertook a very important task in the pandemic process, Mayor Soyer said that Eşrefpaşa Municipality Hospital also fulfilled an important mission as a single municipal hospital with a budget of 70 million.

Turkey's largest capacity plant

Giving information about other projects and works in the annual reports, Soyer said, “We said 20 Fairy Tale Houses, 9 of them were realized. Regarding Harmandalı Solid Waste Storage Facility, it was said that '98 percent was built in Aziz Kocaoğlu period'. 70 kilometers of gas and drainage lines were installed for electricity generation. 50 kilometers of this was done after April 2019. Installation and commissioning of 14 gas engines is also after April 2019. Medical Waste Sterilization Center was opened on March 16. This is Turkey's largest capacity facility. As for the garbage issue, we decided to set up a waste disposal facility at four different locations. 80 percent of the plant in Odemis has been completed and will open soon. The facility in Bergama was tendered after March 2019, and the contract was signed on 15 August. It will produce 4 megawatts of electricity. The tender for the solid waste facility in Menderes was completed on 6 March 2020. We care about these facilities. Harmandalı facility generates very serious renewable energy. It gets electricity from garbage. Since it is a build-operate-transfer model, we generate income for the municipal budget. There are 16 refuse transfer stations, three more are planned. The tender of the station in Odemis was completed after March 2019, the construction work continues. Legal permission studies continue in Tire. Evaluations were made about solar power plants. The 835 kilowatt-hour GES in Gediz Heavy Maintenance Facilities generates approximately 1 million 260 thousand kilowatt-hours of energy. Adatepe Garage will generate one million 675 thousand kilowatt hours of energy, TEDAŞ approval is expected for Ataşehir GES, and when it is built, it will produce 1 million 550 thousand kilowatt hours of energy. When these are commissioned, a total of 4.5 megawatts of installed power will be reached and 6 million 750 thousand kilowatt hours of energy will be produced annually. ”

“The amount of green space per person will increase to 30 square meters”

Soyer added that the work on Behçet Uz Recreation Area and the Orange Valley is continuing. Soyer said, “It is not a dream to provide İzmir with 2 million 500 thousand square meters of green space, we do it step by step. The green area per capita in İzmir will increase from 16 square meters to 30 square meters. Our afforestation works are continuing, and our park and afforestation works continue on a total area of ​​748 thousand square meters. ” Referring to the urban transformation studies, Soyer said, “In 2020, we made ready to deliver 619 houses. Again, in 2020, 4925 residences were made ready for the construction tender and today the second tender tender was held in Örnekköy with participation. When they talked about the urban transformation model in Izmir during our meeting with the World Bank in January, they said they wanted to give us financial support. ”

Responding to the criticism about the city's lack of zoning plans, Soyer said that 82 percent of İzmir's 1/5 thousand plans were approved, 1/100 thousand plans were made by the ministry, and 1/25 thousand plans were made and approved by the municipality. Stressing that the processes related to the objections made by the Metropolitan on the plans of 1/100 thousand, Soyer also completed, “There is good news. According to the information we have received, the revision plan has been approved this week. ”

Why don't they give the electricity factory?

Expressing that the government's support in all matters did not reflect the truth, Soyer continued: “We entered the tender of the electricity factory. We have the tender with 35 million TL. They do not. There is no one else that has entered the tender. Why don't they give it? We presented it to our President and Minister, but it does not happen. The symbolic center of Izmir collapses. We will restore and make a youth center. We would have expected the government to give money on it. May someone explain this to me. They say 'you are a public institution'. Pass, sir, please! The government does not have a meter rail in metro projects in Izmir. ”

Transportation in Kurban Bayrami 1 penny

In the event that a decision is made by the Presidency in order to facilitate the feast visits of the people of İzmir during the Eid al-Adha and to ensure their visits from the tomb, free tariff is applied in the public transportation vehicles belonging to the municipality, and if there is no decision in this direction, only the public transportation vehicles belonging to the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and The proposal for the implementation of a 1 kurush tariff for the grave lines was also accepted unanimously.

“We will swim in the Bay”

Speaking on the reminder of the promise that the Gulf will become swimming in three years, Soyer said, “We gave up the circulation channel. For this project it is necessary to place such large pumps at the entrance of the Gulf that you will open the channel, and you will install another pump assembly for the circulation of water. You will play with the balance of nature. The important thing is not to pollute. We built 2019 kilometers of rainwater line in 35, in 2020, the tender for the construction of 26 kilometers of rainwater line in Buca, 17 in Gültepe and 30 kilometers in Bornova. Both the burden of the treatments will be reduced and the Gulf will begin to relax. With the channels to be built in the coming years, the pollution of the Gulf will be largely prevented. We have come to the point where we will carry out the cleaning works related to Gediz and Meles with all the municipalities on the Gediz line. In short, we will swim in the Bay. ”

In the İZSU General Assembly held after the meetings and voting in the Metropolitan Municipality Council, the 2019 Fiscal Year Annual Report and final accounts of the institution were discussed and accepted by majority.

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750 TL Education Aid from Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to Istanbul Students

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Earthquake Life Symposium Held in Izmir

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