T129 ATAK Statement by the Philippine Defense Ministry

attack statement from the filip's defense ministry
attack statement from the filip's defense ministry

The Philippines Ministry of Defense official made statements on the Philippine Air Force's T129 ATAK Assault and Tactical Reconnaissance Helicopter supply program.

Philippines Defense Minister Delfin Lorenzana told press members on December 07, 2018 that Turkish Aviation and Space Industry Inc. for the attack of the Philippines Air Force (PAF) Attack Helicopter. (TUSAŞ) announced that the T-129 ATAK Offensive and Tactical Reconnaissance Helicopter was selected and 6-8 purchases will be made. This is followed again in December between Turkey and the Philippines, the T-129 Attack Attack and Tactical Reconnaissance Helicopter for the sale of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed.

In addition, in April 2020, the U.S. decided to approve two possible foreign military sales to the Philippines, which included the sale of 450 AH-6Z Viper Assault Helicopters for $ 1 million and 1.5 AH-6E Guardian Assault Helicopters for $ 64 billion. In a statement made by the Philippine Defense Minister Lorenzana, “I do not know if we are able to supply U.S. attack helicopters now because of the coronavirus outbreak. We channel a lot of money to combat COVID-19. We are interested in Turkey's attack helicopter. We are in the negotiation phase, but we have not yet signed any contracts with them. ” statements were included.

"The Philippines will proceed with the acquisition of the T129 ATAK offered by the Turkish Aviation and Space Industry," a ministry official told Janes. Before starting the purchase process, we will ask them to undertake certain guarantees from Turkey. The necessary guarantees on the platform's exportability will respond to concerns in Manila. ” statements were made.

As can be seen from the recent announcements, the Philippines seems determined to purchase Turkish Aviation and Space Industry production T129 ATAK Attack and Tactical Reconnaissance Helicopters. However, the Manila administration is in search of a guarantee due to the engine problems in Pakistan. On the other hand, the domestic helicopter engine produced by TUSAŞ Motor Industry for GÖKBEY is planned to be delivered this year. However, the delivery date of the configuration of the engine to be created for ATAK is still unknown.

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