Expertise Attention in Increasing Credit Backed Second-Hand Vehicle Sales

expertise in increasing second hand sales with credit support
expertise in increasing second hand sales with credit support

With the introduction of the normalization process in the fight against coronavirus, the automotive sector was one of the low interest loan packages that would support the consumer. With the new loan support package, second-hand cars will be able to withdraw loans provided that they pay 0.82 percent interest. The increase in vehicle sales, which started with the support of credit, also created intensity in the appraisal companies, which enabled the citizen to buy second-hand vehicles to trade securely.

Speaking in Istanbul Ataşehir, where branch opening of TÜV SÜD D-Expert, one of the leading institutions of the sector, was opened, Assistant General Manager Ozan Ayözger said, “Credit support was an important development for the sector. In order to respond to the intensity experienced in the expertise sector in us, we continue our work without slowing down for the satisfaction of the buyers by keeping our quality understanding at the highest level. ''

Attention to Bad Surprises That Can Be Encountered

Drawing attention to the importance of having a vehicle expertise, Ayözger said: “In the expertise report, buyers can buy their vehicles safely since the vehicle's accident history, changing parts and similar information can be seen. I advise buyers to take the vehicles they intend to buy to their expertise centers where they want, trust and have TSE Certificate of Service Competence. In this way, bad surprises that may be encountered in the next process can be prevented. ”

The low loan rates provided by public banks motivated the automotive industry. The interest rate of 0,82 percent in the second hand and the total 6-month loan opportunity with a maximum of 60 months of payment also increases the expectations of second-hand vehicle sales at the end of the year.

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