Eskişehir TeknoVadi Project Begins

eskisehir technovadi project starts
eskisehir technovadi project starts

The 'Eskişehir TeknoVadi Project' works, which will make a great contribution to Eskişehir's investment and attraction center, are starting. Celalettin Kesikbaş, President of Eskişehir Chamber of Industry (ESO), who gave information about the project, shared the following information;

“Eskişehir“ TeknoVadi ”is an ecosystem dedicated to innovation and this ecosystem is the whole of Eskişehir. As Eskişehir Chamber of Industry, we are starting to work to realize such a dream.

“Eskişehir TeknoVadi Concept Project” is a city with the participation of all stakeholders and institutions. kazanIt has a scale and inclusive value that can be Combining our energy around a vision as a whole, not individually, offers endless possibilities for the producing Eskişehir of the future. We are less effective when we are together, we are more efficient and effective when we are together.

This concept project we prepared is branding and technological transformation project. The future of Eskişehir; It should be built on the value of creating a brand based on innovation, creativity and efficiency.

Eskişehir, which is an extraordinary human wealth associated with the dynamism of professional networks; their synergies encourage the combination of technological and scientific disciplines. The presence of a large number of higher education institutions, technoparks and technology transfer centers; strengthens the exchange and synergy between university research institutions and companies through technological research.

Eskişehir TeknoVadi is actually the whole city. Eskişehir TeknoVadi is an ecosystem dedicated to innovation. It should be an investment and attraction center for excellence and for the production of ideas and technology of national and international companies. The value that chimneyless factories will add to Eskişehir makes Eskişehir a global city with the integration and additions of structures already existing in our city.

We have an ideal that we will never give up as a vision. The indispensable ideal here is to make our city a global city in terms of sustainable growth.

The result we want to create is to bring sustainable growth to life by evaluating the city's savings effectively and efficiently.

What is Eskişehir TeknoVadi Concept Project?

This project is proposed by Eskişehir Chamber of Industry in order to transform Eskişehir into a design, production and technology center. The purpose of this study, prepared as a concept project; To provide a vision focused on design and innovation for the industry of Eskişehir.

Eskişehir TeknoVadi project, with the participation of all relevant stakeholders, kazanIt has an appreciable scale and value. Eskişehir TeknoVadi project is not a structure that should be built from scratch. In Eskişehir, our Chamber, universities, and research centers include an integrated system that will be established by making additional investments in technology-based centers that have already been established and are still being installed. The capabilities of Eskişehir TeknoVadi will be as follows.

  • Eskişehir Design, Software and Animation Free Zone
  • Aviation, Rail Systems and Ceramic Excellence Centers
  • Design Centers
  • clusters
  • Incubation Centers and Innovation Clubs
  • R&D, software, film, animation, TechShop and game development studios
  • Vocational Training, Certification and Career Center (ESO-MEM)
  • Digital library, design museum and exhibition areas
  • Logistics Center
  • Airplane Cargo Airport
  • 3D printer, prototyping and printing center
  • Support units

In line with the vision that Turkish production and design is a global brand, the “Eskişehir TeknoVadi” project proposed by our Chamber, education and practice among the public, academia, industry and sectors, where structures and centers meet all kinds of information, data, research and consultancy needs of businesses and manufacturers. It is planned as an R&D and innovation system in which cooperation is provided. Eskişehir TeknoVadi is a vision and technological development project for Eskişehir.

Eskişehir TeknoVadi Concept Project

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