Driverless Vehicles On Beijing Roads

driverless vehicles on beijing roads
driverless vehicles on beijing roads

In the capital of China, Beijing, 100 square kilometers of pilot area was reserved for driverless vehicles. The length of the test road in the science and technology zone of Zhongguanc has increased to 215,3 kilometers.

The test road environment is equipped with internet and communication devices and guiding information is given to autonomous vehicles.

Autonomous vehicles can only start by installing special license plates and are tested on specified time and road. Tests are interrupted during bad weather and road construction.

Automotive merging with big data and cloud internet accelerates

In the city of Wuhan, located in the central part of China, the construction of the national new energy and smart internet automotive center continues at full speed.

The country's largest autonomous driving pilot is supported by the high-precision positioning system provided by the "5G and Beidou Satellite Network". Autonomous driving in 5G environment is getting ready to enter the commercial application period by getting to know each other of remote driving, vehicle and highway. Public bus, sanitation vehicles, taxis and logistic vehicles will be driverless in the pilot application. The world's first autonomous license plate will also be released as a trial.

Autonomous vehicle service first opened in Shanghai

China-based mobile vehicle calling application Didi offered the public autonomous vehicle calling service in Shanghai on June 27.

According to the statement made by Didi, the user applies in the application. Approved users can try the autonomous vehicle service free of charge in the pilot region.

The pilot area covers the city center, where the exhibition center, office buildings, metro station and hotels are located.

In the test case, autonomous vehicles can perform some functions of normal vehicles. For example, they can overtake vehicles. A number of sensors were placed on the vehicles. In this way, the autonomous vehicle can determine the speed of the vehicle ahead, then evaluate the road conditions and ultimately decide to overtake.

According to the information received, the driver is in the autonomous vehicle for the safety of the journey and the emergency intervenes.

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