DFDS Akdeniz Business Unit Celebrates First Year of Arrival in Sete

dfds mediterranean business unit celebrates the first year of coming to the set
dfds mediterranean business unit celebrates the first year of coming to the set

Europe's leading company in the field of maritime and logistics companies operating in Turkey DFDS DFDS's Mediterranean voyages undertaken since the Business Unit continues with Seteen A large ship with 300 GB capacity in the first year. The flights, which started for the first time on July 9, 2019, 2 times a week, are carried out 3 times a week in the first year.

The DFDS Mediterranean Business Unit continues its first set of services in the Mediterranean network on July 9, 2019, and continues with its large ships with a capacity of 300 trucks in its first year. Since the beginning of the flights, 24.147 vehicles have been transported between Pendik / Yalova - Sete and 29.031 vehicles have been transported between Sete - Pendik / Yalova. DFDS Akdeniz Business Unit continues its flights from Yalova to Sete with 2019 flights as of October 3.

With its intermodal infrastructure, proximity to destinations such as Spain and Portugal, and a strategic location for DFDS and its customers, the DFDS Mediterranean Business Unit, which carries all France flights to Sete Port, has a strong presence in the Mediterranean waters with 14 large Ro-Ro ships and a ship capacity of over 60 km. provides service network.

While the units working in Toulon have also joined the Sete team, the current service of the route has been improved; Sete line stands out with its success in business development and operation areas due to its plan to establish train connections in Sete Port, the resting buildings to be located in the port for drivers, and a strategic location for the Mediterranean and Europe on a global scale.

More than 50% of trade between Europe and Turkey while by sea, stands out in particular efficiency of maritime transport in the rapid distribution of goods in the automotive parts and textiles. Maritime transport also significantly reduces the ecological footprint.

3 times a week reciprocal and transportation speed guarantee

July 1, 2019 from the Danish situated in the port of Sete since DFDS, with France, with more than 300 towing capacity vessels offers weekly mutual 3 times opportunities between Turkey and out of the intermodal connection of the Port Kit including Turkey links Calais and England It aims to meet with the rest of Europe.

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