Denizli's Beauties Showed Once Again

The beauty of the sea once again appeared
The beauty of the sea once again appeared

Özlem Tunca Esirgenç, who gained the appreciation of millions with her program “I Travel the World”, brought the unique natural, historical and cultural beauties of Denizli to the screens. Esirgenç, the host of the program, where the investments brought to the city by the Metropolitan Municipality and the flavors of the region were introduced, expressed his admiration to the city by saying “Everyone should see Denizli”.

Özlem Tunca Esirgenç, the successful presenter who won millions of appreciation with her program “Traveling Around the World”, this time brought the natural, historical and cultural riches of Denizli to the screens. The shootings of the “I Travel the World” program were hosted by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality in Denizli. The first episode of the program, which introduces the unique beauties of Denizli, the investments brought by the Metropolitan Municipality and local flavors, was broadcast on Channel 19 screens on Sunday, July 2020, 7. As part of the program, I Am Traveling Around The World team, Pamukkale, Hierapolis, Laodikya, Kaleiçi and Babadağlılar Bazaar, Glass Rooster Statue, Denizli Cable Car and Bağbaşı Plateau, İncilipınar Park, Metropolitan Municipality Nihat Zeybekci Congress and Culture Center, Street Animals Housing and Rehabilitation Center, He also shot in Buldan, Honaz, Çivril and Tavas districts.

Invitation from President Osman Zolan to Denizli

Explaining the unique values ​​of Denizli in the program that gathers millions per screen, Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan said, “Denizli is the center of tourism with many natural cities, especially Pamukkale, and our natural and cultural values. We have many alternatives such as paragliding, balloon tourism, highland tourism, ski tourism. ” Is the capital city of Denizli textile emphasized that President Osman Zola, Turkey's cleanest city, and they have the most clean drinking water and that drops to 15 square meters of green area per person in the city. President Zolan said, “48 percent of our city is a forest. No matter which direction we look, Denizli has different beauties separately. I invite everyone to our city, "he said.

Admires Denizli

Pandemic programs shots so they continue in Turkey and one of the first visit to Denizli Özlem Tunca Esirgenç stating that, "Denizli, our country and our province have a rare beauty to be seen in the world. With its Pamukkale, Laodikya, Tripolis and other rich ancient cities, Denizli is truly a perfect and clean city. Every corner of Denizli is beautiful. Everyone should come and see. We would like to thank Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, Osman Zolan President and all of his teammates who hosted us ”. While the first part of the Denizli shootings were broadcast on Kanal 19 screens on Sunday, July 2020, 7, it was noted that the program, where the unique beauties of the city will be introduced, will continue in the coming weeks.



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