Conquer's Blade Game Is Released In Turkish With Ottoman Theme

Conquer's Blade Game Comes Out With The Ottoman Theme In Turkish
Conquer's Blade Game Comes Out With The Ottoman Theme In Turkish

Global publisher MY GAMES and developer Booming GamesThe free action MMO game Conqueror's Blade will be released on August 4 with Turkish language support for the PC. Turkey also house complete game localization, dedicated customer support, we have the local Turkish community management and social media presence will be medieval war game, it is excited to invite players to the Ottoman Turkish-inspired concept.

Conqueror's bladeIn, players are in a bloody war to form their own medieval empire. The dazzling warlords equip themselves with a series of deadly weapons and open up to the world with enormous armies in their orders. Players defend or surround castles with destructive siege weapons, fight against other players in 15 to 15 PvP battles, and fight for control of a large, evolving open world!

You can watch the new season announcement trailer here:

The game has over 75 units inspired by the greatest military forces in history, including melee, ranged and cavalry units. Battle Lords can form a deadly barricade with spear soldiers, send swordsmen to clash with the enemy, or rain a piercing arrow with their archers. The siege battle is based on strategy and players will have to lead their units to victory in the ever-changing stunning battlefields.

Weekly events such as Territory Wars will keep players' swords sharp when fighting for ground control as part of a Dynasty or Alliance. Seasons will test skills with limited time events packed with challenges and special rewards. Turkey and inspired by the rich culture and history of the Ottoman Empire from the new season: "Season IV: Blood of the Empire ” Waiting for Battle Lords on August 4!


The forces of the Anatolian Empire will come and will be added soon with a free update of Conqueror's Blade In Season IV: Blood of the Empire it will not be an obstacle to victory.

Fatih Sultan IV. The armies of the Anatolian Empire, ruled by Suleiman the Magnificent, are extremely loyal and overly commanding their war skills. He will depart on August 4 to follow the Sultan, who marched to Fatih City with his army. Take on the battle during the Season Campaign and IV to unlock incredible new rewards, including seasonal outfits inspired by the rising Anatolian Empire. Season Battle Pass will be on sale soon!

All developments related to Conqueror's Blade before full Turkish language support Facebook from our account and Discord You can follow our channel.

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