Environment, Nature and Animal Protection Police Coming

environment and animal protection police are coming
environment and animal protection police are coming

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu attended the opening of Environment, Nature and Animal Protection Police Basic Training Course held in Kızılcahamam.

In the Dog Training Center under the Narcotics Department, besides the narcotic units, the Special Operations Department, the KOM Department, the security, security, criminal and private security departments, the Gendarmerie General Command, the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Justice and the dogs used in international institutions both Stating that their trainings were carried out according to the branches, Minister Soylu said that the certified 451 trained dogs who received training in these units performed successful duties in many areas from narcotics to bomb searches.

Minister Süleyman Soylu, referring to the success of the narcotic dogs in the operations, said, “In 2018, 46% of the total weight-based traps of our Narcotics Presidency and 39,5% of the menstrual-based traps were carried out by narcotic dogs. For 2019 and 2020, the rates are around 42% to 30%. ” he spoke.

Minister Soylu stated that during the Atmaca Operation in Nusaybin district of Mardin, the duty dog ​​named Poison neutralized the terrorist he had jumped on when the explosive of the handmade explosion and saved 42 lives with this move. the corpse was found thanks to our cadaver search dogs. Again, 3 of the 82 lost case incidents that occurred in the last 16 years were illuminated with the help of our scent molecule trace dogs. ” used expressions.

260 Staff Will Attend Courses in the First Stage

Minister Soylu stated that 260 personnel will attend courses at the first stage within the Directorate of Environment, Nature and Animal Protection. . As soon as their training is over, our friends will land on the field. In order to make it easier to report to this unit, the writing of an application called HAYDİ started. I hope that this practice, which continues with the cooperation of the Directorate General of Security, IT Department and our Strategy Department, will be implemented in 1,5 months.

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