Call for Abolition of the Grant Requirement in Surgical Overalls and Mask Exports

call for removal of the grant in surgical overalls and mask export
call for removal of the grant in surgical overalls and mask export

In the pandemic period, the export of grants to the State Materials Office became a challenge in the surgical gown and mask that broke records in exports. Requesting the removal of grants to DMO, Ege Exporters' Associations Coordinator President Jak Eskanizi called for “Do not intubate the export of surgical masks and overalls that have a good performance”.

When exporting a mask in surgical mask export, there is a requirement to grant a mask to DMO, and in the export of surgical overalls, a overall grant for every three overalls. Exporters want these grants to be removed.

Pointing out that the grants impose great costs on the export of surgical products, Eskinazi said, “Our export companies, whose business was seriously interrupted during the pandemic period, took a breather with the export of surgical masks and overalls. Due to the grant condition, the costs of our exporters increased by up to 100 percent, and our exporters were unable to meet prices. We started to lose our export markets because we remained expensive. Europeans are making their own investments, we have made Europeans industrialists again. They bought fabric from us and started to produce masks and overalls themselves. If our government brings a regulation to the parts related to donation, foreign exchange will be given to Turkey. kazanThis industry can become even better. Turkey's exports of surgical masks, overalls and surgical supplies may triple. Otherwise, we will miss the opportunity in these items, which currently offer opportunities in exports,” he warned.

Sertbaş: “The mask is now a part of our lives”

Expressing that surgical and medical materials have entered our lives with the pandemic process and that they will always be present, President of Ege Readywear and Apparel Exporters Association Burak Sertbaş underlined that the measures to be taken should not prevent sustainability in exports.

Stating that the Aegean Ready-to-Wear and Apparel Exporters 'Association reached a peak within the scope of the Aegean Exporters' Associations with an export of 104 million dollars in June, Sertbaş said, “Our export of conventional apparel products caught June 2019 in June. Surgical gowns, masks and surgical materials exports increased from $ 295 million to $ 8.5 million, with an increase of 33,7 percent compared to June of last year. As of July, I hope that the export of ready-to-wear clothing will increase to higher levels with the increase of normal conventional products and medical supplies. We are too late in the export of these materials. We had a hard time trying to sell very expensive. If the grants are removed, we will not be able to give birth to our competitors, as we will provide sustainability in the export of surgical masks and overalls. ”

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