Cast Selection in Domestic Horror Movies

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the filmciab

Compared with the rest of the world, it can be seen that all of our films have lower budgets. However, it can be said that the amounts invested in horror films are below these standards. Therefore, it can be stated that there are young or unknown people in the cast. Watching One Part movie  There will be a situation where cast choices can be made in the domestic horror movies that exist in this way and it can be seen that unrecognized faces exist among these productions. These choices can be seen as the main reason for the low acting quality in domestic horror movies.

General Topics of Local Horror Movies

Almost all of the domestic horror films can be covered with topics on the same basis. Watching movie It will be understood that the people who will act in line with the scenario that develops in connection with metaphysical entities in most films. In fact, it can be stated that the horror productions in Turkish cinema are based on the theme of jinn. In every production, metaphysical assets and magic details can be processed extensively, and movies can be created depending on the stories formed at this point. In general, each will result in a similar manner. Therefore, it can be seen as film productions with low profile.

Similarities of Domestic Horror and Comedy Films

The main reason why the cinema industry in our country does not develop may arise from simple horror and comedy movies. native movie watch Just like in the examples of horror cinema, it is prepared with a simple plot and cast selection. Therefore, it can draw a low profile image. However, due to its unique target audience, it can occur as a result of its existence in a position that earns a great deal due to the fact that it is always in demand. Due to such results, new ones can be added every day.

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