1000 Vehicle Capacity Increase in Bursa Recruits

Bursa brokerage capacity increase
Bursa brokerage capacity increase

Thanks to Zübeyde Hanım and Oulu Avenue intersection connections, which were reorganized by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality with the addition of 2 lanes to the Ring Road link arm to reduce the load of the Acemler Junction, the vehicle transition capacity of 2596 per hour in the west-to-north turn arm increased.

In order to eliminate the transportation problem in Bursa, the Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its works such as road widening and new roads, promoting public transportation, rail system signaling optimization, has begun to collect the fruits of its works especially in Acemler, which is one of the node points of the city traffic. Within the scope of the work carried out last March, two 240 meters long lanes were added to the turn arm in order to increase the capacity of the return arm from the Izmir road, which could not meet the current vehicle demand at the Acemler junction. In addition, the road in the direction of landing on the Acemler bridge of Zübeyde Hanım Avenue, an additional 170 meters long lane was opened, and the connection road of Oulu Avenue to Zübeyde Hanım Avenue was rearranged. In order to relieve the signalized intersection on his return from Zübeyde Hanım Street to Hat Street, an additional lane of 3 meters length was opened to this point and the junction section was removed to three lanes.

Capacity increased

The comfort provided by the arrangements made in Acemler, where the daily average density in Istanbul is around 180 thousand vehicles, which is even more crowded than the July 15 Martyrs Bridge, was also reflected in the figures. In the pre-study vehicle counts, the number of vehicles coming from the west direction and using this arm to connect to the north road was 2596 per hour, while the measurements made after the study increased by 35 percent. With the new arrangement, approximately 1000 vehicles per hour capacity increase was provided, while the number of vehicles using this arm reached 3524 per hour. With the widening of the subject of return, the vehicle load of the direction of Ankara eased, while the near highway became a more efficient alternative. As a result of the increase in capacity, the demands of the drivers for the near ring road increased during the peak hours in the direction of Ankara.

No compromise on transportation investments

Due to the corona virus outbreak just Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Reminding that Turkey is not all the world's toughest passed through a process Alinur Aktas, has been suspended investments in many developed countries, the fight against the epidemic on the one hand in Bursa and social supports making any concessions from the other side of the infrastructure and transportation investments that it reminded. Reminding that they added new vehicles to the public transportation fleet on the one hand, on the other hand, they poured about 28 thousand tons of asphalt on the 80-kilometer route only on the curfews, and noted that the relief provided by the arrangements made before the pandemic at the Acemler intersection was demonstrated in numbers.

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