Bird Box starring Sandra Bullock

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Thrillers can often be seen as mediocre with their stories or acting. At the same time, since the IMDB scores of these productions will be at low levels, it is not possible for people to turn to these films. Filmmaker Brother Even though we include these types of productions, it is not possible to say that the desired number of views appeared. Accordingly, Bird Box, which was not a film of this type in 2019, can be seen as a production that can meet the requirements of everyone.

Bird Box Criticism

In fact, a cliché subject shows itself in the Bird Box movie. However, although the flow of the event is good, it seems ridiculous to every audience. Watching movie In line with the recommendation, it can be stated that the people who will watch this production often face a situation they cannot understand at the end. Thus, it can be said that it is a production that does not satisfy the audience in general. Bird Box, known as Netflix production, can be seen as an even more ideal project compared to other thrillers.

Bird Box Review

This production, which can be watched with both Turkish dubbing and original language option in our movie site, native movie watch managed to get as much attention. It can be stated that people who are selective among the films also devote time to this project. Sandra Bullock can also be seen as the name that carries this movie alone by performing a high level in this production. On the other hand, although it does not meet the expectations much, it can also be among the most ideal productions of 2019. It can be expressed as the most successful thriller movie of 2019 as a production that everyone will spare time for.

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