Where is Bering Strait?

where is bering bogazi
where is bering bogazi

Bering Strait is a strait between the easternmost point of Asia (169 ° 44 ′ W) and the westernest point of America (168 ° 05 ′ W). With its geographical border position between Russia and the USA (Alaska), it is the place where the continents of America and Asia are closest to each other.

The Bosphorus is about 92 km wide, 30-50 meters deep and connects the Chukchi Sea (Arctic Ocean) in the north and the Bering Sea (Great Ocean) in the south. Although it was accepted that it was passed by Semyon Dezhnev in 1648; It was named after the Russian explorer Vitus Bering, whose throat passed in 1728. It is known that the Bosphorus served as a land bridge during the ice age. While some scientists believe that in these ages, most of the waters turned into glaciers and lowered the sea level and considered more land pieces; some believe that the throat is completely frozen so that it is possible to pass over humans and animals. There is a one day date difference between the two collars.

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