Don't Become an Accident Victim on the Bayram

Don't be a victim of an accident on holidays
Don't be a victim of an accident on holidays

Before the Feast, We All Have A Duty To Reduce Possible Traffic Accidents. In our country, where public transportation is not sufficient, unfortunately, traffic accidents are inevitable during long holidays. It is our duty to remind the precautions to be taken before the feast.

1-) Public transportation opportunities should be increased. Additional train services should be included. Currently closed Adapazarı Train and other regional trains should be activated. Public transportation should be preferred by considering the pandemic rules.

2-) Those who will use personal or rental cars;

  • Having the drivers rested before going off will reduce the risk of traffic accidents.
  • Vehicle maintenance, especially brakes and tires should be checked.
    It should be remembered that we should increase the distance between us and the vehicle ahead according to our speed.
  • Vehicle drivers should avoid mobile phone conversation and not make phone calls, even with headphones. The seat belt must be worn on the front and rear seats. We should definitely sit our children who need to use a child seat in a child seat.
  • You should not set off on the days and times that the traffic is expected to be crowded.
  • You should take frequent breaks along the road, and if necessary, stay on the road.
  • There should be a floodlight and reflector for the emergency, the necessary tools for tire change should be available in the vehicle and the spare tire pressure should be checked before departure.
  • In case of avoiding the risk of accident, the vehicle should not be parked to a safe spot until it calms down.
  • The arrival time destination should not be set without departing and it should be accepted that there may be delays depending on the road situation.
  • Passengers should be afraid of behavior that may distract the driver.

3-) Traffic Controls should not be neglected.

4-) Those who set off before the feast should be informed with public spots reminding the traffic rules. It should be broadcast on all television channels.

Let's not let our holiday joy turn into sadness and let us break with our loved ones.

Good holidays already

Heavenly Young

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