Mayor Zorluoğlu Examines Yavuz Group Road Works

chairman zoroglu examined the group path studies of yavuz
chairman zoroglu examined the group path studies of yavuz

During the examinations of Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu, Mehmet Karaoğlu, Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Council, Deputy Secretary General Gürcan Başar, Mayor of Çarşıbaşı Mümin Nuhoğlu and relevant department chiefs were also present. Having a chat with the employees for a while, Mayor Zorluoğlu wished convenience in his work.


Mayor Zorluoğlu, who received information from the relevant people about the works carried out on Yavuz Group Road, said, “Our Çarşıbaşı Municipality has completed the rainwater line, embankment, road expansion and art works of the group road with the appropriation received from our Ministry of Interior. As Metropolitan Municipality, we applied roller compacted concrete (RCC) application to the thousand 500 meters section of Yavuz Group Road, which was opened for construction. There will also be a walking and cycling path here. For this, lighting and landscape work will be carried out. As Metropolitan Municipality, we will continue to support our districts. I sincerely thank the Minister of the Interior, who is always with us in the works, ”he said.


Çarşıbaşı Mayor Münin Nuhoğlu said, “Our Minister of Internal Affairs Mr. Süleyman Soylu Gentleman sent us allowance for the group road. We have completed the infrastructure and art works with this allowance. Our Metropolitan Municipality also poured concrete compacted on our way.



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