ASELSAN's Bubble Surveillance System in Idlib Skies

balloon snooping system of idelsan in idlib diagrams
balloon snooping system of idelsan in idlib diagrams

The KARAGÖZ Balloon Surveillance System, developed by ASELSAN with domestic facilities, was put into use by the Turkish Armed Forces in the Idlib region.

According to the information obtained; The KARAGÖZ Balloon Surveillance System, developed by ASELSAN and recently taken into the Turkish Armed Forces inventory, started exploration and surveillance activities in Idlib, Syria. The system used by the Turkish Land Forces Command can function for seven days without the need for gas supplements.

KARAGÖZ Balloon Surveillance System

The Karagöz Balloon Surveillance System Product Family offers the most appropriate solution based on current technology, developed in order to provide broad field surveillance, intelligence information and early warning capability to critical facilities and fixed military units according to their mission needs such as continuous surveillance from the air, critical facility security, regional communication. Karagöz is adapted for different tasks with different payload options such as electro-optic camera, radar and communication relay.


  • Continuous Surveillance and Intelligence
  • Border and Coast Guard
  • Disaster Surveillance
  • Road Traffic Information Collection
  • Forest Fire Detection and Early Warning
  • Communication Relay
  • Critical Facility Security

Aircraft General Features

  • Balloon Aircraft Sensor System
  • Emergency Evacuation System
  • Pressure Balancing System
  • Light Gun Shot Resistance

Ground Control Station

  • Real-Time Viewing and Recording
  • Operation Instant Interchangeable Network Communication Capability
  • Integrated 3D Mission Map
  • Portable Control Console
  • Camera Control Module

Useful load

  • 360 ° Stabilized Observation Ability
  • Different Electro-Optical Camera Alternatives (ATMACA, CATS etc.)
  • Environmental Conditions
  • Operating Temperature: -20 ° C / + 50 ° C
  • Storage Temperature: -20 ° C / + 50 ° C
  • Durable structure that can work in harsh weather conditions
  • Ability to serve without requiring gas supplements for 7 days

Source: savunmasanayist

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