Bağlıca Boulevard to be Connected to Ankara Ring Road

baglica boulevard will be connected to ankara cevre road
baglica boulevard will be connected to ankara cevre road

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has launched a new project that will ease the traffic density of Etimesgut district. Teams of Science Affairs accelerated the work for the connection of Bağlıca Boulevard with the Ankara Ring Road. At the intersection of Bağlıca Boulevard with the highway, an underpass consisting of 4 departures and 4 arrival lanes will be constructed to provide transportation between Bağlıca and Yapracık. In order to provide highway connection from Bağlıca-Yapracık road, 4 connection arms and 2 clover arms will be constructed. The connection road is planned to be completed without opening schools.

Taking into account the increasing population density, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality is launching new transportation projects.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which has begun to work on new roads and widening simultaneously in many parts of the city, pressed the button for a new project that will reduce the traffic density of the Etimesgut district. The Science Affairs Department teams started the connection road works that will connect Bağlıca Boulevard to the Ankara Ring Road.


For the project, which is planned to be completed until the schools are opened, the Department of Science Affairs will accelerate the work, while an underpass consisting of 4 departure-4 arrival lanes will be built at the intersection of Bağlıca Boulevard with the highway to provide transportation between Bağlıca and Yapracık.

In order to provide motorway connection from Bağlıca-Yapracık road, the construction of 4 link arms and 2 clover arms will be realized. Thanks to this arrangement, citizens living in the Bağlıca region will participate in the Ankara Ring Road and find a second entrance-exit from the Bağlıca area.


Taking into consideration the current and future potential traffic flow densities of Bağlıca, which is a rapidly developing region of Ankara in terms of construction and population growth, the Metropolitan Municipality aims to relieve traffic with alternative routes by making connections to the highway.

Stating that they determined that the existing traffic in the Yapracık region will be affected negatively in the future due to the existing roads, the officials of the Directorate of Science Affairs gave the following information:

“As there is no connection that provides access to Bağlıca and Yapracık directions, the traffic density is increasing. By making a direct connection to the Ankara Ring Road with the road works we will do here; We aim to reduce the traffic density, provide fast transportation in all directions, reduce transportation time and contribute to fuel economy. Thus, the transition of our citizens living in the region to out of town and to city traffic will be relieved. ”


Continuing to undertake projects that facilitate the lives of citizens in transportation, Metropolitan Municipality will distribute the traffic directed towards Dumlupınar Boulevard in the direction of the city center and 15 July Martyrs Boulevard in a more balanced way.

The connection road, which will significantly ease the future traffic problem of the Bağlıca region, is planned as follows:

“The traffic coming from Bağlıca will flow in the south direction and the traffic from Yapracık will flow in the north direction through the connection road on the secondary road. Those coming from the highway will be able to turn left through the subway through the secondary road. In this way, it will be possible to come from the north on the highway to Bağlıca direction and from the south to Yapracık direction. The underpass, in which additional lanes are also designed, will consist of 4 departure-4 arrival lanes. Thanks to the fork set up, the drivers will be able to pass to Bağlıca or Yapracık after leaving the highway. ”

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