Austrian Airlines Heads for Trains for the Environment

austria airlines depart trains for environment
austria airlines depart trains for environment

Austria's flag carrier will now operate one of the most frequent flights, operating a train line on the same route.

Austrian Airlines will end domestic flights between the capital Vienna and Salzburg to meet environmental criteria.

In the process of coronavirus pandemic, in return for the 600 million Euro aid package it received from the government, it was required to reduce the carbon emission on domestic flights by 2050% by 50 and not to fly to places that can be reached in less than 3 hours by train.

“The airport of Vienna can be reached in less than three hours by train from Salzburg,” said airline CEO Alexis von Hoensbroech on Twitter. For this reason, AIRail is a good and more environmentally friendly alternative compared to flying. ”

A flight between Vienna and Salzburg takes 45 minutes, but considering the time spent at the airport, the 2 hour 49 minute train journey is seen as a more practical travel management.

Source: T24

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