585 Million Euro Assistance for Syrian Refugees from AP

million euro aid for Syrian refugees from Apden
million euro aid for Syrian refugees from Apden

Members of the European Parliament (EP) endorsed a report discussed in the AP Budget Commission, approving 585m euros to support Syrian refugees who took refuge in neighboring countries.

AP MPs Budget Committee, in response to the crisis in Syria, Turkey, Jordan, and approved a new support package to provide assistance to refugees and host communities in Lebanon. Help where most asylum seekers found in Turkey, Jordan and given to Lebanon, Turkey, 485 million euros were allocated.

The report proposing the approval of the draft budget amendment prepared by German lawmaker Monika Hohlmeier, a member of the European Parliament Christian Democrats Group, was approved by 557 votes. The statement made by the European Parliament, "the two main EU humanitarian actions in Turkey and the Emergency Social Safety Net Cash Conditional Education to continue the transfer of 485 million euros has been allocated to fund" the statement said.

In addition, host communities and refugees in Jordan and Lebanon are supported with a total of 100m euros.

This money will be used to finance projects that provide access to education, support livelihoods and provide social protection as well as health, health protection, water and waste services.

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