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The problems experienced in getting the right news do not escape the attention of a very large group. Especially recently, it has become more difficult to reach the right news in the world and in our country. Aware of all these problems news antalya wants to bring a new breath to the sector. It is necessary to say that they are both enthusiastic and very ambitious in this regard. Founded in Antalya, the site also includes news about the country in general. He states that he is in trouble of both correct and impartial reporting. Moreover, the statement made by the media group manager on this matter is remarkable. started broadcasting in Antalya. Social media accounts and, which has been put into service with its web address, is within the body of TTMEDYA and its general manager is Necat Aktaş., which will provide local, national services with current news, videos and images of Antalya, was established with its commitment to democratic values ​​and human rights. Stating that they will not deviate from the framework of universal principles of journalism, General Manager Aktaş said, “We will convey the facts objectively, without censorship and misleading. We will try to use the freedom of thought and expression of the street in the Press Ethics Act. Human rights are at the core of our freedom of publishing. ”

Stating that the public will claim the right to receive correct news and information, General Manager Aktaş said, “We will fight with all kinds of censorship. As, we think that we have responsibilities towards reality first. We will not compromise free thinking with the information and news we will make. We will not make any commercial services and we will do social studies. We will work with the responsibility of the information we will convey to the citizens. We will never compromise on our professional principles. ”

Expert Press Staff Trained in the Field

Antalya News The staff of the site is very successful. Many people work because the site provides service with a very different category and an understanding that goes beyond the local. There is no problem at this point. Especially the number of experienced names is high. They know both the city and the region very well. They can access the news within the shortest time frame. Their only purpose is to be the voice of the people on the street. They compile the latest developments and share their problems very successfully from the site. In this way, it is necessary to state that they met the expectations until the end.

Neutral and Correct Journalism

Antalya News TV The main feature of the site is to give the right news very quickly. There is always full compliance with the principles of press and broadcasting. In addition, 5 N 1 K questions, which are the necessity of journalism, are also expressed. As such, a satisfactory service also emerges. It will be logical to log in to the site immediately to reach the truth.

Latest Developments and Many More Different Content

News The fact that the content of Antalya site is very rich means a great advantage. For this, it is possible to use not only computers but also mobile phones. Because there is complete harmony. The latest news that many people wonder is on the site. In addition, it is a great advantage to have news about the region on the site. You can view special news on education, security, magazines and more on the site.
The fact that the news site has its own private social media accounts is an advantage offered especially for those who want to follow the news over them. The company has a Twitter page. Moreover, it is used very actively. In addition, both Instagram and Facebook are involved.

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