Ankara is expanding its Metropolitan Funeral Transport Vehicle Fleet

ankara buyuksehir expands fleet of funeral transport vehicles
ankara buyuksehir expands fleet of funeral transport vehicles

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality strengthened its funeral transport vehicle fleet by adding 15 more vehicles. The number of funeral transport vehicles, which was 20 by Metropolitan in order to make funeral services faster and safer, increased to 35 with the arrival of new vehicles. Funeral prayers continue to be performed according to the social distance rule in the cemeteries opened to visitors with the normalization process.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has strengthened its funeral transport vehicle fleet by adding 15 new vehicles.

Providing service with free 7/24 funeral transport vehicles in and out of the city, the Metropolitan Municipality has increased the number of transport vehicles from 20 to 35 with the new ones.


Metropolitan Municipality continues to provide all kinds of support for citizens with funerals to perform funeral services.

Aiming to provide a higher quality, fast and safe funeral service depending on the increasing population, the Cemeteries Department increased the number of vehicles by purchasing 15 new funeral transport vehicles. Pointing out that the vehicles used in the funeral services meet the transfer service in and out of the city, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Cemeteries Department Head Köksal Bozan gave the following information:

“Funeral transfer services are a very important service for Ankara residents. Our citizens have emotional and difficult moments when they have funerals. While there are approximately 50 deaths per day in Ankara, approximately 10 funerals are transported out of the city. In the province Karşıyaka We need a lot of transportation vehicles for the Cemetery and the Neighborhood Cemeteries. As our old vehicles started to malfunction, we gave information to our Metropolitan Mayor, Mr. Mansur Yavaş, that the vehicles were insufficient. With the instruction of our president, we started our preparations about 2 months ago and added 15 new funeral transport vehicles to our fleet. We are ready to provide the best service to the people of Ankara with our 35 vehicles in total. ”


While Ankara Metropolitan Municipality opened the cemeteries to visitors with the normalization process, it continues to ensure that the funeral prayers are performed in accordance with the social distance rule.

The Cemeteries Department, which provides meticulous service that prioritizes public health in funeral services, continues its daily disinfection activities in cemeteries and in areas where funeral prayers are performed.

Stating that they attach importance to the use of masks in cemeteries, and distribute masks free of charge to citizens without masks, Bozan made the following evaluations about the new measures:

“We do not perform the funeral prayers as collectively as before, but between 10.00 am and 17.00 pm. We prevent serious crowds from forming in the areas by washing all the funerals one by one, performing their prayers and sending treasures. We constantly check whether our citizens are wearing masks at the entrance gates and prayer areas, whether they comply with the social distance. We frequently warn our citizens by offering masks, cologne and water and making announcements. ”

Citizens who want to benefit from the free funeral transfer services of the Metropolitan Municipality can benefit by calling ALO 188 or Başkent 153.

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