Delivery of 20 Vehicles from Anadolu Isuzu to Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean

mediated delivery from isuzu to reunion island in indian ocean
mediated delivery from isuzu to reunion island in indian ocean

Anadolu Isuzu maintains its claim in the export markets with its innovative vehicles developed by Turkish engineers and manufactured in Turkey. Anadolu Isuzu, last year kazanWithin the scope of the CASUD tender, the first of a total of 3 Novociti Life and 45 Citibus deliveries to be made within 15 years to Reunion Island, the overseas province of France in the Indian Ocean, with 15 Novociti Life and 5 Citibus, held in Reunion Island on June 5, and the regional Mayors at a ceremony he attended.

Anadolu Isuzu made the first deliveries to Reunion Island of France within 3 years within the scope of the CASUD Tender, which included 45 Novociti Life and 15 Citibus delivery agreements. Delivery of 15 Novociti Life and 5 Citibus vehicles took place on June 5 at a ceremony held on Reunion Island.

Anadolu Isuzu General Manager Tuğrul Arıkan stated that the CASUD tender held in 2019 was awarded to Anadolu Isuzu's French Distributor FCC. kazanHe stated that they are happy and proud to have made such an important delivery during the COVID-19 period. Arıkan said, “Despite the epidemic, we continue production and export without slowing down. Our vehicles equipped with high technology, which we have developed in line with the needs of our export markets, attract great attention in Europe. Despite the slowdown due to the epidemic, we continue to receive domestic and international orders. Our goal is to increase our market share in different segments in domestic and international markets with new products to be added this year, and to realize our sales targets.”

Bus comfort in midibus size

Isuzu Novociti Life has emerged as a solution for changing market needs with its low base. Novociti Life, which targets narrow streets with a small-sized bus concept instead of large and medium-sized buses, also supports more participation of the disabled and elderly population in social life with its low-based structure. Attracting attention with its midibus-sized bus appearance, Novociti Life's FPT brand NEF4 model engine produces 186 horsepower and 680 Nm torque. Engine technology, which can meet Euro 6C emission norms without the need of FPT's EGR (exhaust gas recycling) system, provides high energy efficiency and low fuel consumption, thus ensuring the norms needed by European municipalities. Isuzu Novociti Life, which has been carefully designed to provide the comfort of the passengers and the service of the vehicle in minimum time, has received a total of 1 awards in 3 year.

Citibus, which is in the bus product group of Anadolu Isuzu, is designed to meet the needs of the city's narrow-street historical city centers and low-population municipalities that provide public transportation services with a length of 9,5 meters. Citibus, which is in the middle bus class preferred by big city municipalities today, is offered as the ideal public transportation vehicle thanks to its compact size, which offers lower investment, low operating costs and optimum passenger capacity and easy maneuverability in narrow streets.

Citibus, which has a 204HK4 Isuzu engine with 1 HP power, offers both comfortable travel and optimum fuel consumption with both manual and automatic transmission options. Thanks to its large interior volume, tilting feature (Kneeling) and easy-to-use wheelchair ramp, it provides an unobstructed journey for all passengers. Citibus, which includes all the necessary security systems, provides a safe journey to both passengers and driver in heavy city traffic thanks to ABS, ASR, integrated retarder, hill-holder, independent air suspension and in-car camera system.

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