Traffic Education Park Is Opened With Its Renewed Face In Alanya

traffic education park in alanya opens to service with its renewed face
traffic education park in alanya opens to service with its renewed face

Alanya Municipality Traffic Education Park, which has stopped its education due to the coronavirus danger, will continue its education with the aim of raising more conscious individuals in traffic from Monday, July 6.

Alanya Municipality Traffic Education Park restarts the trainings after the mandatory break in March due to the danger of coronavirus affecting the Earth. Traffic Education Park will start summer trainings starting from Monday, July 6, between 09.00-12.00 in the morning and between 16.00-21.00 in the evening. In the Education Park, which evaluates the mandatory break with renewal works, while taking measures against the risk of Covid-19, it is waiting for its guests with its experienced technical staff and renewed application areas.


The education park of Alanya Mayor Adem Murat Yücel, which gives great importance in raising conscious individuals, is reopened with many additions. Mini tunnel, over / under passage and seat belt stand have been added to the park, which has been prepared with sensitivity and expert staff. Students who receive theoretical knowledge in specially prepared classes will continue to receive practical training in the carefully prepared course.


Alanya Municipality Traffic Education Park, which has instilled traffic awareness to thousands of children until today, has trained a total of 265.832 people, including students, parents, employees of public institutions. Tens of people visit the Education Park, which raises awareness of children and parents, both as a pedestrian and as a driver. After the summer education, Traffic Education Park will continue to host school students with its new education period.


In Alanya Municipality Traffic Education Park, which hosts dozens of children and their families every day, children learn while having fun. In the light of the theoretical information, the students, who switched to the application area, test with a battery powered car, and make a crossing across the pedestrian crossings with traffic lights.


Bilge Toksöz, Alanya Municipality Traffic Education Park Officer and Alanya Traffic Education Association President, used the following statements in his statement; “As a result of the training provided by our expert trainers, we have reached thousands of people so far. Our Mayor of Alanya, Mr. Our park, where Adem Murat Yücel also paid special attention, turned the pandemic process into an opportunity and modernized it completely and we are offering it to our citizens as of Monday. In our park, which is developing day by day, our guests will now be able to receive tunnel, overpass / underpass trainings. Our trainings are completely free and we welcome all our citizens to our park by respecting the mask, hygiene and social distance rules. ”

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