An Important Step in the First Power Unit of Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant

Important step in the first power unit of akkuyu nuclear power plant
Important step in the first power unit of akkuyu nuclear power plant

Installation of the second floor of the inner protection coating of the first power unit reactor building of the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant (NGS) is under construction. The interior lining is one of the most important elements of the security system, which prevents radioactive substances from spreading to the environment in the power unit.

Sergey Butckikh, First Deputy Director General of Akkuyu Nuclear Inc., NGS Construction Affairs; “With the installation of the second floor interior trim, we are one step closer to the completion of the construction of the first power unit.” said. Butckikh said: “The removal of the inner coating of the second layer, which is one of the biggest structural elements of the reactor building, and the successful completion of its assembly, is an extremely important event for us. In the next stage, the iron reinforcement works of the assembled building will be completed, concrete will be poured by placing a mold on it. ”

Following the assembly works carried out with Liebherr LR 13000, one of the most powerful crawler cranes in the world, the height of the reactor building increased by 12 meters from 4,95 meters to 16,95 meters. The total weight of the assembled structure reaches 411 tons and its diameter reaches more than 20 meters. The interior will consist of three layers and a dome in total. As soon as the assembly of the inner lining is completed, it will be tested for tightness.

In addition to the interior coating of the reactor building, the exterior coating is also envisaged in the design of the innovative Russian power units, which are the +3 generation VVER-1200. The purpose of the outer coating is to protect the reactor, steam generator and other equipment from exceptional external influences.

The protective double coating of the reactor building stands out as the distinguishing feature of innovative Russian design reactors with VVER-1200 reactors, which are the basis of the Akkuyu NGS Project. Protective coatings of this design, great reliability while nuclear power plants is also equipped with a new step oluşturuyor.vv-1200 reactors in improving the safety of Russian design power units not only in Turkey, Belarus, China, established in other countries such as Egypt. Three power units with VVER-1200 reactor are successfully operated in Russia.

Construction and erection works of three power units of Akkuyu NGS are carried out simultaneously. Concrete pouring of the foundation of the first unit turbine island was completed and the core holder was installed. In the second unit, concrete pouring works are completed on the foundations of the reactor building and turbine island. Drilling and controlled blasting works are being carried out in a planned manner within the scope of the preparation of the foundation pit for the construction of nuclear island facilities in the construction site of the third unit.


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