Airbus Launches Nightjar Team in Australia

airbus launches nightjar team in australia
airbus launches nightjar team in australia

Airbus formed the Nightjar Team to improve Australia's industry capacity. With the new formation, it is aimed to provide more than 250 million Australian dollars (AUD) to the country.

Airbus Helicopters, together with more than 20 Australian partners to create Team Nightjar, launched the Stage 2097 solution of the consortium "Project LAND 4". Under this project, the Commonwealth of Nations will seek a helicopter fleet to support the Australian Defense Forces Special Operations.

The names of Team Nightjar members, which bring together Australia's best industry skills and academia, are as follows; Cablex, Cyborg Dynamics, Deakin University, DEWC, ECLIPS, Ferra Engineering, Helicopter Logistics, Helimods, Kinetic Fighting, Kratos Australia, Microflite, PREDICT Australia, QinetiQ Australia, Saffron Helicopter Engines Australia, Seeing Machines, Sigma Bravo, Rusada, TAFE NSW, Tagai Management Consultants, Toll Helicopters, Technology Sydney University, Varley Group and Varley Rafael Australia.

In response to the Australian Commonwealth's four-ton, rapidly deployable, multi-role helicopter proposal for the Australian Special Forces, Team Nightjar will offer its high-capable Airbus H145M and its domestic support fleet.

“We are aware of how important it is to work with Australian companies, although we know that every Australian partner offers niche talent to the Commonwealth of Nations in this program. Building on our commitment to the Australian industry, Team Nightjar will focus strongly on Australian industrial support and innovation. ” said.

“The local consortium will offer the world's leading educational solutions, strengthen local participation and offer rapid designs and improvements throughout the program.”

“With its determination to invest in Australian-led innovation, the team offer will provide more than 250 million AUD economic benefits and more than 170 jobs in Australia.”

While these capabilities offer local jobs, technology transfer and export opportunities, we believe that the highly capable H145M helicopter will substantially increase the possibilities it offers. ”

“The Commonwealth of Australia is looking for a platform that is proven, mature, reliable and offers robust support systems. The Australian Special Forces that we propose in the program are the latest members of the H1.400 family, which has more than 5.9 million hours of flight with over 145 aircraft serving globally in the civil, parapublic and military fields, but is also supported by an advanced global network. ”

“The H145M is an exemplary platform for lightweight special operations and has proven capabilities for error-free, high-prepared missions, while providing a solid adaptation to the requirements of the Special Forces,” Mathewson added.

The lightweight twin engine is an operationally proven, affordable and low-risk option for Australia, but complements the MRH90 Taipan with improved mobility and situational awareness for specific operations. Thanks to its compact size, the H145M will be optimized for operations in dense urban terrain and will be deployed quickly through a C-17A Globemaster.

H145M has been tried, tested and gained popularity among defense forces due to its excellent price-performance ratio and short delivery time. Its clients include military forces in Germany, Hungary, Luxembourg, Serbia and Thailand.

The H145M specifically supports the special operational roles of the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr), which are now ready for over 99% missions; provides safety, superior power and load.

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