Adana Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Foreclosures Come To The Office Of The Authority

adana big city city mayor land office room lien
adana big city city mayor land office room lien

📩 11/07/2020 13:52

The office of Adana Metropolitan Municipality Zeydan Karalar has been confiscated regarding the receivable since 2016.

Adana Metropolitan Municipality came foreclosure due to the file related to the cobblestone work done in 2016. The items in the office of Adana Metropolitan Mayor Zeydan Karalar were taken within the scope of foreclosure. In Ceyhan, along with former President Hüseyin Sözlü, the businessman, who was on trial for "misrepresentation of performance" and received a 5-year prison sentence, confiscated the chairman, office and meeting table and other chairs in the room of President Zeydan Karalar.

CHAIRMAN ZEYDAN KARALAR, "Where have you been for 4 years?"

Adana Metropolitan Mayor Zeydan Karalar stated that although the protocol was made and the payment was made every month, the office of the authorities was seized. President Zeydan Karalar said, “The debt that caused foreclosure is about a job in 2016. Within the framework of the protocols made in the past period and in our period, 2020 million 6 thousand liras were paid in only 6 months in 480 and foreclosures were made even though the payments continued. We took over the municipality with a huge debt burden. We did not create this debt swamp. However, we are saving Adana Metropolitan Municipality from this debt swamp. No negativity can prevent our service to the people of Adana. My office is every street and every place of Adana ”.

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