What happened to the Tram Project that will ease the traffic of Diyarbakır?

What happened to the tram project that will ease the traffic of diyarbakir
What happened to the tram project that will ease the traffic of diyarbakir

Local Governments Association Diyarbakır Provincial President Hamza Serçek stated that their organizations are a bridge between local governments and the public and said that they will take initiatives before the Governorship and Metropolitan Municipality to solve the transportation problem of Diyarbakır.

Serçek, in his statement in the building of the association, stated that Diyarbakır Provincial Directorate of Local Governments was established to serve citizens.


Stating that the Local Governments Association, which was established in Ankara in 2003, became stronger with the gathering of 2018 non-governmental organizations in 36, Serçek said, “The Association of Local Governments is a legal entity affiliated to the Ministry of Interior, which has branches in many provinces. Our aim is service, we take our power from the public. In democracies, development begins in local governments. We solve the problems in the villages, towns, neighborhoods and districts whose purpose is not served, by the municipalities and muhtars. In other words, we actually act as a bridge between local governments and the public. ”

Noting that Diyarbakır has a series of problems waiting for urgent solutions, Serçek explained what they would do to establish a tram line, which has been busy the city's agenda for many years and will significantly ease the traffic of Diyarbakır.

Expressing that they will find an initiative before the Governorship and the Metropolitan Municipality, Serçek said:


“Transportation in Diyarbakır has become gangrene for years. Unfortunately, the transportation problem has not been solved so far. The tram that promised to ease the city traffic 10 years ago was promised but could not be done. In those years, everyone was very happy with this news. Unfortunately, nobody did this service. Now, we will take initiatives with our Governor and Deputy Mayor for the solution of the transportation problem of citizens waiting for urgent solution. We will try to fix the problems by hand in hand to solve the transportation problem. As a child of Diyarbakır, we are ready to serve this people. ”

Finally, drawing attention to the fact that the muhtars are an important milestone in delivering service to the citizens, Serçek invited the municipality committees and all citizens to the Diyarbakır Provincial Directorate together with the muhtars and called everyone to become members of their associations in accordance with the principle of democracy and participation.

Source: Diyarbakırsöz

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