This Feast Passenger Mobility Will Fall! No Additional Flights Will Be Organized For The First Time

This holiday will be reduced for the first time, passenger mobility will be reduced.
This holiday will be reduced for the first time, passenger mobility will be reduced.

Passenger mobility, which lasted over nine million last holiday, will drop to three million this year. No additional time will be organized for the first time. Along with the normalization process, while many people go to their country, those living in metropolitan cities will meet the festival at home.

As the Feast of the Sacrifice approaches, concerns are rising about the spread of the outbreak due to citizen mobility. However, the first data from the ticket reservation shows that this holiday will generally be preferred at home. During the last holiday; There was a movement of about nine million people in transportation by air, sea and land. On this holiday, reservations dropped as high as 60 percent. During the holiday, passenger mobility is expected to remain around three million.


Turkey Bus Federation President Birol Özcan "at 50 percent capacity due to the pandemic, we continue to passenger transport. The number of flights only from Istanbul has reached 1.150. This figure is about 25 percent below normal. Eid al-Adha is approaching and we have completed our preparations. However, there are not many passengers for this holiday. Currently, our ticket sales are low. Compared to last year's Eid al-Adha, our bus schedule numbers have decreased by 60 percent. Before each holiday, our buses were filled and we would have additional flights. If the ticket sales go like this, we do not plan to add additional buses. According to the current situation, this situation does not seem to happen in this holiday. ” Reminding that many people did not come back after leaving Istanbul due to the pandemic, Özcan said, “Some people also gathered and rented a car and went to their country. This led to a decrease in the number of our passengers. ”


According to the data of the Ministry of Transport; During the Feast of the Sacrifice last year, 3,7 million passengers served at the airports. Four million passengers preferred to travel by bus and 2,5 million citizens to travel by train. During 2019, bus companies that carried intercity passenger transportation made 270 thousand trips. The average daily number of trips reached 18 with an increase of 22 percent compared to the number of flights before the feast. 555 thousand seats per day were added to high-speed trains and conventional trains with additional services and wagons.

Source: The Türkiyegazete

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