There is no relevant expert at the University whose expertise has been appointed in the Kanal Istanbul Case!

There is no expert in the university whose expertise is appointed in the channel Istanbul case.
There is no expert in the university whose expertise is appointed in the channel Istanbul case.

Ten years of Fatih Sultan Mehmet Foundation University was elected to the expert committee for Kanal Istanbul. However, most of the departments that the court asked for expert academicians' opinions do not exist in universities.

In the case opened by the Chamber of Civil Engineers Istanbul Branch and the Chamber of Architects Istanbul Metropolitan Branch with the request of the cancellation of the EIA positive decision against Kanal Istanbul, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakıf University (FSMVU) was elected to the expert committee.

But, SözcüAccording to the report of Erdogan Süzer from Istanbul, there are no experts required at the university chosen by the 10th Administrative Court of Istanbul, and most of the technical faculties are not established.

The delegation will participate in the discovery and prepare a report on the project. For the report, the impact of the construction of Kanal Istanbul on the environment, traffic density, vehicle dust and emission density, noise, loss of agricultural land, possible effects of four islands in the Marmara Sea, loss of meadows and pastures, crossing military areas and airports, dangerous wastes, effects on drinking water, underground and groundwater, on the lakes and living creatures in the region, natural SIT areas, such as whether the project has a negative impact on earthquake risk will be examined.

The expertise requested by the court is not in the faculty

In the letter sent by the Court to the relevant institutions, the department experts who were requested from the FSMVU Rectorate were listed individually, stating that expert expert opinion is needed to resolve the dispute and clarify the claims.

Accordingly, the determination of the faculty members who have studies in ecology and microbiology, water, wastewater and waste, air pollution departments from the Environmental Engineering Department of the university are also determined from the Civil Engineering, Geological Engineering, Geophysical Engineering, Geometric Engineering, Architecture and City and Regional Planning departments. The identification of faculty members on technical issues was requested.

However, according to the official website of FSMVÜ, only the departments of Architecture and Civil Engineering are among the departments that the court wants specialist faculty members. On the other hand, other Environment, Geology, Geophysics, Geometric, City and Regional Planning departments do not exist in FSMVÜ.

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