Spanish CAF Company Signs Maintenance Agreement For 40 Million EUR

HT Ankara CAF
HT Ankara CAF

The Spanish rolling stock manufacturer has signed maintenance contracts worth 40 million Euros. kazanwas. The Spanish company, which is preferred by TCDD in high-speed trains, manufactures and maintains various vehicles from tram vehicles to high-speed train vehicles. Tram vehicles of CAF company are used in Istanbul and Antalya trams.

CAF has shown that it is an active company in the field of care, with various maintenance jobs in Italy, Brazil, Colombia and Spain. Here are the company's maintenance agreements:

Maintenance of 17 Tramways in Italy

Public institution that manages transportation in the city of Palermo, Sicily - Amat S. p. A. - Chose CAF Italia to maintain 17 trams operating on the city's four tram lines. The duration of the contract is four years, and the fleet in question has been carrying passengers in the capital of Sicily since 2015. CAF will carry out maintenance work at Amat's workshops in Roccella and Leonardo.

Maintenance of 8 Suburban Trains in Brazil

In Brazil, the CAF has signed a contract to maintain eight commuter trains for a period of four years. kazanwas. The contract is with the Companhia Paulista de Trens Metropolitanos (CPTM) in São Paulo. They currently operate on line 10 of the São Paulo metropolitan network. CAF Brazil will carry out maintenance work at the CPTM facilities in Lapa, west of São Paulo. CAF has a number of maintenance contracts with CPTM.

Maintenance of 35 Trains in Colombia kazanwas. This Contract has a working period of 2 years and will be a continuation of the activities already in force since the commissioning of these metro trains.

Malaga Tramway Maintenance in Spain

CAF also signed an agreement with Metro De Málaga. This extended the maintenance contract that is currently in force for another five years. CAF will continue its URBOS 3 fleet, consisting of 14 tram lines. CAF started working with Metro De Málaga in 2010 when it delivered the first trams to this operator.

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