Favipiravir Mobilization in Combating Coronavirus

Favipiravir mobilization in the fight against coronavirus
Favipiravir mobilization in the fight against coronavirus

📩 13/07/2020 11:01

Turkish pharmaceutical sector leader Abdi Ibrahim with Novelfar on, the strategic cooperation agreement they have made, developed by Novelfar and Covidien-19 treatment that protocol entered Favipirav the active substance of the disease in the drug's first production in Turkey gerçekleştirdi.şubat be taken to the treatment protocol in China, while our country Finally, in the current treatment guide of the Ministry of Health on June 19, 400 thousand tablets were produced from the drug with Favipiravir active substance, the usage area of ​​which was extended.

Turkish pharmaceutical sector leader Abdi Ibrahim's R & D strength and experience with only 1 week like record time, including technology transfer, all preparations have been completed pharmaceutical, high-tech international standard for the first time Abdi Ibrahim in Turkey was produced in equipped Flat property in Turkey only 200.000 tablets were donated to the Ministry of Health by Novelfarma and the first export of the drug was made.

Turkey's leading pharmaceutical company Abdi İbrahim, 108 years of experience and continues to take a leading role in combating the country's strong manufacturing infrastructure Covidien-19. Abdi İbrahim, which supplied the raw material of the drug with chloroquine phosphate, which was taken into the treatment protocol in the first days of the epidemic, from India and China under extraordinary conditions, and donated 1,6 million tablets to the Ministry of Health, is now the Favipiravir factor developed by Novelfarma, which entered the treatment protocol. played a strategic role in the production of the drug.

Abdi İbrahim Chairman of the Board Nezih Barut: "We are going through a historical period, we fulfill the need of our mission with all our attention, and we are working to improve life." Abdi Ibrahim's 108 years of pharmaceutical industry experience with a brand rooted in Turkey's history to testify recalled that Nezih Barut, '' Rooted brand dates are loads of different responsibilities. We have been working to improve life for more than a century. We are proud of being the national and leading brand of our country. We woke up every day with the same sense of responsibility during the pandemic that our country faces. After producing our chloroquine phosphate-based drug on our behalf and donating it to our Ministry, we are proud to host the production of Favipiravir, which is one of the most effective drugs in the treatment of the disease, developed by Novelfarma, one of the face-to-face drug companies of our country. It was the most critical issue that the drug was produced domestically and delivered to patients as soon as possible. For this, technology transfer was essential. Our experience in these operations, technical expertise, management skills and our cooperation is focused by allocating supply all kinds of 1 week with our working understanding of this extraordinary process we performed the first production Favipiravir in Turkey, contributed to the drug to reach our patients, said Abdi Ibrahim and my sincere congratulations Novelfar on employees' said.

Nezih Barut, who is also the President of the Pharmaceutical Employers Industry Union, gave the following information about the process: '' As Abdi İbrahim, with the announcement of the pandemic, we focused on our basic mission, namely, improvement. We have created agile working groups within the company, with representatives from medical teams, R&D, licensing, business development and representatives from different departments. One of our main goals was to serve the industry players who are working on the treatment of Covid-19 from the know-how, high technological production power and strong infrastructure of our company, which is the industry leader. We woke up with the awareness that we went through a historical period every morning. In addition to the medicine we donated to the Ministry of Health at the very beginning of the process, the rapid production support we provide to our business partner, Novelfarma, which has a visionary and dynamic approach, is a natural result of this awareness and reflex. ''

Stating that the importance of the domestic pharmaceutical industry came to the fore very clearly in the pandemic process, Nezih Barut said, “We always believe in the power of investment. In order to allocate more shares to R&D, we need to produce more and export more. As Abdi İbrahim, it is a strategic decision to invest so much in our production facilities. We strongly believe we can manufacture base in both the chemical Turkey biotechnological drugs, "he said.

Yasin Alp, Chairman of the Novelfarma Board said, “We got the license for our product, which is domestic and national production, on 10 July. Currently, all the world rights belong to Novelfarma. The active substance was produced exclusively for us with a special agreement. We developed the product in our own R&D facility in less than a month. Again, we did the bioequivalence study in a very short time like a month. It is a source of pride for us that all of our R&D personnel are comprised of a young team under the age of 35. Other companies have demanded high prices for production, even though they have a pandemic. However, Abdi İbrahim stopped all production and made technology transfer in record time. This drug is very important in that it is completely domestic and national production. Therefore, we would like to thank all of the Abdi İbrahim team, especially Mr. Nezih Barut, Chairman of the Board. We received our license and handed over the grants we promised to the General Directorate of Public Health on July 11, and the plane was distributed to all provinces by ambulances. ”

Yasin Alp continued his words as follows: “We are the only company that provides grants and in this way, we have caused the prices to decrease by 80 percent. Therefore, the cost to our state has decreased even more. As Novelfarma, we develop and license orphan drugs and oncology drugs. We have not received state support or grants for any of our projects so far. All were met by our own equity. Currently, we have approximately 30 license applications and we also have about 50 R&D studies. ”


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