Kadıköy Faulty Parking Obstacle to Fashion Tram Timetables

Faulty parking obstacle to kadikoy fashion tram services
Faulty parking obstacle to kadikoy fashion tram services

Kadıköy - Moda Tram is forced to stop due to faulty parking. Due to the incorrect parking of the tramway in the last year, 160 times delays were experienced. 55 expeditions failed. Other tram lines' journeys are occasionally disrupted due to accidents at traffic intersections. The pontoon is trying to prevent false parking by renewing the gauge lines and paving.

Faulty parking and traffic accidents, one of the most important problems of Istanbul traffic, also adversely affect tram services. Kadıköy Serving on a route with intense road traffic such as Square, Altıyol, Bahariye Street, T3 Kadıköy - Moda Tram is often forced to take a break due to drivers who park their vehicles incorrectly.

Kabataş - Bağcılar Tramway and Nostalgic Tramway on Istiklal Street also have accidents at times that intersect with traffic from time to time. Therefore, there are delays and delays in tram services.


Kadıköy - In Moda Tram, there were no delays due to incorrect parking on the tramway 160 times in the past year, and there was a delay. The flights were suspended on April 6, 2020 due to the coronavirus epidemic, which was mainly used for touristic purposes. Although the flights have stopped for 3 months, 23 flights have not been carried out since 55 vehicles have parked on the tram line since the beginning of the year. Since Monday, July 6, 2020, when the flights started again, 4 drivers have parked their cars on the tramway. 16 campaigns were prevented.


Drivers of vehicles that are parked incorrectly cannot be reached. In order to return to the normal flow of traffic, this year had to wait a total of 3 hours in a 10-month period. This corresponds to approximately 3,5 hours of waiting per month.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) opens the way by responding to faulty parks or accidents with tow trucks as soon as possible. However, in cases where traffic is blocked due to improper parking or an accident, opening the road can take from 15 minutes to 1 hour.


The IMM has launched a series of works to prevent incorrect parking and traffic accidents on tram lines. Kadıköy - For the Fashion Tram Kadıköy By contacting the municipality, plastic pontoons were installed at several points. A few more points will be installed from these pontoons.

Gauge line deformations are reported on the route of the line and will be renewed as soon as possible by painting. In Colonel Faik Sözdöner Avenue, the tramway will be separated with landscape and pavement work.

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