Consumers Prefered LPG Vehicles During Pandemic Period

Consumer preferred LPG vehicles during the pandemic period
Consumer preferred LPG vehicles during the pandemic period

Automotive Distributors Association (ODD) published its report on vehicles sold in the first half of 2020. According to the report, while 254 thousand vehicles were sold in the period of January, June, 85,7 percent of the vehicles sold were A and C segment cars in the low tax segment. Compared to 2019, the sales figures of diesel vehicles have declined, while the number of LPG vehicles, which was 6 thousand 110 in the same period last year, has exceeded 9 thousand this year.

ODD data evaluating the world's largest alternative fuel systems manufacturer brc'n's Turkey CEO Kadir Knitter, "to prefer vehicles in low tax brackets, the increase in LPG vehicles sales figures and demand for small-volume vehicles, the largest component of the fuel savings that affect the choice of consumers he revealed that he was. ”

Automotive Distributors Association (ODD) shared sales figures for the period January, June 2020. According to the report revealing the situation of the automotive industry, which had a hard time due to the coronavirus pandemic, 195 thousand 144 vehicles were sold in the same period last year, while 2020 thousand 254 vehicles went into traffic in the first six months of 68. While the consumer preferred small and high-volume A and C class vehicles, the sales figures of light commercial vehicles reached 50 thousand.

Another remarkable factor in ODD data was that consumers preferred LPG vehicles from the factory. While diesel vehicle sales were on the decline, LPG vehicle sales, which were 6 thousand 110 in the same period last year, exceeded 2020 thousand in 9.


ODD data evaluating the world's largest manufacturer of alternative fuel systems in Turkey brc'n CEO Kadir Knitter, "low tax zone and C-segment vehicles, accounted for 85,7 percent of all vehicle sales. 1600 cc and lower volume vehicles are preferred by 31 percent more than last year, reaching 95 percent in general denominator. Demand for LPG vehicles ex-factory increased exponentially. We expect that the sales figures, which exceeded 9 thousand, will increase by 2019 to 40 percent compared to 45 at the end of the year. All these data reveal that the consumer wants to save fuel in 2020 ”.


Increasing fuel prices pushing car owners to find new alternatives, Turkey BRC CEO Kadir Knitter argues that it is possible to save up to 40 percent with access to LPG. Örücü said, “LPG conversion kits, which are applied from the factory or with the right equipment, provide an average fuel saving of up to 40 percent. For example, a vehicle owner traveling 100 kilometers with 250 TL fuel can travel the same way with LPG for 60 TL ”.

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